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Dare to Be Candy-Free This Halloween

We wanted to share a question on the blog today that's probably on many parents' minds.

Smile! It’s Good for You

Ever wonder why a good hearty laugh and a happy smile makes you feel so good? As it turns out, the simple act of smiling delivers some powerful health benefits.

Things Worse Than Tooth Pain

We all know there's no such thing as a "little" toothache.

3 Ways to Get Your Kids Ready for School Oral Health Exam

It's common for kids to be scared or nervous about visits to the dentist, and now many of them also have school oral health exams.

The Important Connection Between Flossing and Prostate Cancer

Did you know that men are more likely to neglect their oral health compared to women? If you're a woman reading this, you probably did.

Summer Foods That Are Actually Good For Your Teeth

Ever heard of the saying "An apple a day keeps the doctor away"? Well, this expression carries some truth, with one minor change.

Floss Boss – Tips and Tools to Finally Make Flossing Stick (And Plaque Not)

Flossing. The most underrated, but perhaps most important step of the bedtime routine.

Six Little-Known Things That Impact Your Oral Health

In honor of National Women's Health Week, let's find out what's really going on in your mouth.

The Side Effects Of Smiling

You know the expression "just grin and bear it," right? How about "fake it till you make it?" Well, they've now been scientifically proven.

A Disease That Is 90 Percent Curable Will Kill Over 10,000 Americans This Year

It's hard to believe that a 90 percent curable disease will still kill more than one person every hour, 24 hours a day, all year long, but it's true.

How Smelling Your Breath Can Help You Listen To Your Body

What goes on in your mouth can tell you a lot about your overall health.

Teeth Cleaning Aftercare Tips from Austin Dentist

Have you ever left your local dentist office with sensitive teeth after a teeth cleaning? This can be completely normal if it's been awhile since your last appointment.