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How to Navigate the Food Table at Winter Parties

With all the holiday parties happening this season, it's hard to miss the inevitable food table.

How To Maintain Healthy Gums

When we think about our dental care, we often forget about taking care of our gums.

Packing a healthy lunch for your kids

There are so many options out there that are quick and easy to throw into our kids' lunchboxes in the morning, so it's easy to find ourselves relying on pre-packaged items that are full of preservatives and other additives that are not only unhealthy, but negatively impact kids' teeth as well.

Simple DIY Natural Toothpaste

Whether you are looking to save money, avoid the chemicals in store bought toothpaste, or just simply have fun making natural toothpaste - we've got some simple steps for your next home project.

The Many Benefits of Ginger Tea

Ginger comes from Southeast Asia and is widely used in cooking and baking.

Why Is Flossing Teeth So Important?

We know that not many people really love to floss.

5 Ways To Make The Tooth Fairy Love You

Although most kids don't start losing baby teeth until around age 6, National Tooth Fairy Day is coming up February 28, and we think it's a perfect way to begin the conversation about dental health.

Avoid Sugar Overload This Valentine’s Day

When Valentine's Day rolls around, that usually means candy is everywhere at schools, offices, parties, you name it.

What’s In Your Mouthwash

If you've ever looked at the ingredients label of your mouthwash, there's a good chance that you were confused by what you found.

4 Ways to Build a Strong Immune System

Your immune system is an intricate system of cells that patrol your body, destroying germs and other infections.

Signs, Symptoms, and Solutions for Teeth Grinding

Grinding your teeth at night can do real harm to your mouth.

How To Celebrate A Special Occasion With Teeth-Friendly Foods

Often, we think that delicious, unhealthy foods are a way to mark a celebration.