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The Worst Wake-Up Calls For Your Teeth

While many of us need a morning beverage to help start the day, unfortunately some of those drinks are not helping our teeth.

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Chocolate And Your Health

Chocolate does have a bad reputation for being a danger to your waistline and your oral health, however in moderation and depending on the chocolate, it can also have some health benefits.

Holiday Gifts that Encourage Better Hygiene

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3 Problems Poor Dental Care Can Cause, Beyond Cavities

You may know that poor dental care can lead to cavities, infections, and the dreaded root canal.

Best Dental Care For Diabetes

Diabetes can put you at risk of various oral health complications, so it's important for people with diabetes to take extra good care of their mouths.

Coffee, Tea and Your Smile

Coffee and tea are notorious for leaving you with a dull, slightly yellowed smile.