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2 DIY Homemade Teas

"Tea began as a medicine and grew into a beverage.

The Perfect Winter Recipe to Distract You from Early Winter Sunsets

The Perfect Winter Recipe to Distract You from Early Winter Sunsets

6 Great Ways to Celebrate MLK’s Legacy with Your Kids

Martin Luther King Jr. fought in the 50's and 60's for an equality that many of us enjoy today.

Tips to Stay Fit During the Holidays

With Christmas behind us and New Year's just around the corner, it isn't too late to begin healthy holiday habits!

Perfect Essential Oils to Get You in the Holiday Mood and Fight the Cold & Flu

There are two things that many of us associate with the winter period: the holidays and cold flu season.

Simple Homemade Winter Diorama…For the Tree!

Looking for a fun activity for you and your kids, as well as gifts to give out to friends and family?

DIY Gifts for Your Favorite Foodie

It seems like nowadays, everyone considers themselves a "foodie".

2016 Hottest Black Friday TV Deals

2016 Hottest Black Friday TV Deals

Easy (but Delicious) Recipes for Thanksgiving Favorites

Thanksgiving and food are synonymous.

Top Times to Purchase Holiday Flights

Are you a procrastinator or do you plan ahead? If you are like many, and tend to lean more towards procrastination, then you have experienced the costly repercussions of booking your flights close to the time you want to travel.

Cooking with Your Children

We realize that it is a difficult task to get the whole family together for dinner.

Group Halloween Costumes

Halloween is a great time to show your creativity with a costume.