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How To Add More Smiles To Your Life

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

It’s a fact: smiling makes us feel good.

Smiling releases endorphins in our brains, which make us feel happier and less stressed. Smiling also makes us appear more attractive, easy-going and approachable. Here are some ways to add more smiles (and laughs) to your daily life:

  • Smile and laugh as much as you can even if it’s fake. The brain doesn’t know the difference between a real smile and a fake one, so train your mouth to be ready to break into a smile by making a conscious effort to smile throughout the day. It may feel funny at first, but soon it will become a habit.
  • Seek out comedy. Watching funny movies or TV shows, or looking at funny online videos or viral memes is a surefire way to turn frowns upside down. If you’re feeling blue, this is a quick and easy way to eliminate negative emotions.
  • Spend time with people who make you smile. Life can get busy and it can be difficult to find time for the people in our lives that are sure to make us laugh. Even if you can’t spend much time with your favorite funny people, seek out the company of other happy, optimistic people. No only will you smile more, but their positivity will rub off.
  • Look for the humor. Most of the time, perspective is everything. Start looking for humor in your daily life, especially in situations that appear to be bad on the surface. Once you train your brain to find the funny silver lining, it’ll be easier to laugh at anything life throws your way