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Summertime Fun: Sun’s Out, Braces On

Friday, April 27, 2018

Summer sun and braces are two peas in a pod. Don’t believe us? We’ll prove it.

1. It’s too difficult to schedule appointments around soccer, piano, girl scouts and school. Now all the things that fall through the cracks during the school year can take priority.
2. Braces are best utilized during growth spurts and those happen most often in…you guessed it, summer!
3. Cold summertime treats and drinks will soothe those sore gums.
4. Sometimes our kids need a little time to adjust to their new look before premiering it to their favorite people – their friends. This gives them a bit of space to do that.
5. Longer days means a 30 minute appointment is really just a snap of the fingers. You’ll be back outside before you can take your sunnies off.