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5 Green Ideas to Celebrate Earth Day 2017

Monday - April 17th, 2017
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Earth Day is right around the corner!

April 22nd marks the official date, but why not celebrate all week long? Here are 5 awesome ideas to help teach kids about Earth Day and the importance of taking care of our planet!

1. Serve up an Eco-Snack
Prepare a locally sourced trail mix (nuts, sunflowers, raisins, chocolate chips, etc.) in recyclable cartons to share with classmates or follow celebrators. Learning about the nature of specific ingredients, like origin and benefits, is a great way to teach children to look for locally sourced ingredients whenever possible.

2. Make A Nature Craft
Go outside and use what’s right in your very own backyard! From an acorn necklace to sand art or a seashell necklace, every child can find something to use to get crafty!

3. Take A Walk
Get your family active for Earth Day! There is nothing better than teaching your children how to get outside and be active in nature. Walk around your block or to the local park to get a little exercise and fresh air.

4. Plant A Garden
Grab your kid, a shovel and some seeds to hit the dirt and teach your family how to garden! Whether you plant a lemon tree or a garden of fruits and veggies, gardening can help teach your children about the cycles of nature and the beauty and sustainability of growing their own food.

5. Recycle
Recycling is a great way for your kids to actively participate in taking care of the planet! Talk to your kids about the items that go in the recycling bin and how they are recycled into new products. Teaching them the importance of recycling will be a lesson they will remember for a lifetime!

No matter how you celebrate Earth Day, it’s important to teach your children how they can do their part, however small, in taking care of our planet. From eco-snacks to just going outside, there is no wrong way to celebrate!