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Posts Tagged ‘dental tips’

How Smelling Your Breath Can Help You Listen To Your Body

What goes on in your mouth can tell you a lot about your overall health. Whoever said, “the mouth is the gateway to the body” wasn’t wrong. While it’s hard to see and maybe even notice, when particles of food are left in your mouth, bacteria begins to grow on your tongue, gums and in…

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Frequent Toothache? These Teeth Cleaning Tricks May Help

If you suffer from toothache pain frequently, it can be difficult to find immediate toothache relief. Pain from toothaches can often be debilitating, and finding a remedy should be done early to prevent further deterioration and increased severity of your condition. Your toothache may be caused by loose fillings, a cracked tooth, or an abscessed…

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20 Ways to Spend Your FSA Money Before Year’s End

Before you start making your New Year’s resolutions, don’t forget about what you might be leaving behind in 2016. No, not just memories…we’re talking money! That’s right, you could be losing out on funds if you don’t spend them before year’s end. Most dental benefits and FSA spends will expire at the end of the…

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Should We Frown at Teeth Bleaching?

We know that many of you are busily whitening your smiles in preparation for the series of photos that come with the holidays. Whether it’s before Thanksgiving dinner or gathering around the Christmas tree, there seem to be some photos each year that we can’t avoid. If you’re looking to whiten your teeth to make…

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