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Financing Oral Surgery at Castle Dental

When it comes to a patient’s oral surgery needs, many think that a regular dentist and an oral surgeon are a part of the same field. In truth, there is a difference. It all comes down to the specific kinds of training that each has received that pertains to the patients needs. It is firstly…

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How Does Dental Financing Work?

Taking care of your smile doesn’t have to be expensive. Finding quality, affordable care at Castle Dental is our mission and responsibility. As dental professionals, we want to give our patients the best in oral care without the cost. From dental plans to working with your dental insurance, we have a team of people equipped…

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Castle Dental Payment Plans Offer Alternate to Insurance

Sometimes, there doesn’t always seem to be the best options when choosing between dentist financing and dental insurance to pay for your appointments. Between using a dentist near me search to find an affordable dentist, and finding quality care that matters, patients can feel lost. At Castle Dental, we’re trying to take a few steps…

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