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National Flossing Day – Today and Every Day, Make Time to Floss

If you’ve ever said you’re too busy to floss, it’s time to get real. Proper flossing takes no more than one minute, so no more excuses! The truth is, brushing alone cleans about 70 percent of the surface of the teeth, leaving the nooks, crannies and spaces between teeth unclean. Flossing picks up the slack…

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Floss Boss – Tips and Tools to Finally Make Flossing Stick (And Plaque Not)

Flossing. The most underrated, but perhaps most important step of the bedtime routine. If preserving the longevity of your teeth and protection against gum disease isn’t enough incentive, maybe these tools will entice you to give your teeth a little love. Keep yourself motivated with the help of an app. Habit tracking apps let you…

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