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Which Clear Aligner is Best for You?

A straight smile is more than just nice to have—it’s crucial for the proper functioning of your teeth, jaws, and mouth, as well as for your overall health. Orthodontic treatment like clear aligners uses constant, gentle pressure to slowly move misaligned teeth back into their proper positioning, and, thanks to technological breakthroughs and broader consumer…

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The Best Ways to Instill Good Oral Health Habits in Kids

How to keep your children from getting cavities Tooth decay, also known as cavities, is one of the most chronic yet entirely preventable childhood diseases. Those who practice good oral hygiene have a lower risk and can entirely prevent tooth decay. That’s why it’s super important that kids establish healthy oral habits sooner rather than…

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What Does Marijuana Do to your Oral Health?

Does smoking pot damage your teeth? Now that marijuana is legal in many states for recreational or medicinal purposes (or both) we will soon have more comprehensive data to evaluate on the true oral health effects of cannabis use. To this day, we are still learning about what marijuana does to your oral health. Even…

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What Does Vaping Do to Your Teeth?

Vaping e-cigarettes has become a nationwide epidemic, it also affects your Oral Health. It accelerates tooth decay and weakens your enamel; make sure to visit your dentist to stay on top of your health. The news about vaping isn’t good. Even though vaping in the form of e-cigarettes was first introduced as a safe and…

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The More You Know: Oral Health Cancer

Photo by Alfaz Sayed on Unsplash There is so much more to oral health care than making sure you brush and floss twice a day and visiting your dentist twice a year to make sure you don’t have a cavity, which is why this month is devoted to oral cancer awareness. About 53,000 Americans will…

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