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Charcuterie Board Ideas That Your Smile Will Love

It’s summer – a perfect time for picnics and outdoor gatherings so why not create a charcuterie board to share with your friends and family that will help boost their oral health? Traditional charcuterie boards often include heavy, processed meats and sugary snacks. Unfortunately, these items can damage your teeth so here are our tips…

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Delicious Ways to Celebrate Memorial Day

What better way to celebrate Memorial Day than with good food and great company? There are so many routes to go, from themed desserts to farm-fresh goodies, making the possibilities endless. Make sure to celebrate the importance of the holiday by inviting a veteran or sharing the meaning behind the holiday with your kids. Here…

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Top Foods to Strengthen Your Child’s Teeth

Nobody wants to deal with the pain and discomfort caused by cavities, least of all your children! Limiting foods high in sugar like candy and soda is a great way to start taking care of your child’s overall oral health, but to maintain it, eating certain foods can help. From dairy to different fruits and…

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5 Tips On How To Host The Best Big Game Party

Hosting a party for The Big Game? This year, go the distance by throwing a party that your guests will be talking about ’til next season! Check out these 5 tips on to how to prepare as the host of The Big Game Football party! 1. Take Cover Most of your guests will be glued…

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Head back to School with Honey!

Back to school is here, once again! With everything that goes into starting a new school year, we can’t forget the importance of a wholesome and hearty lunch. With a proper lunchtime meal, you can keep your children alert and give them the tools to succeed in the classroom. The goodness in honey can help…

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