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Cool Dental Gadgets to Get Dad for Father’s Day

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

If there’s something we know about the dads in our lives, it’s that they love gadgets and hate going to the dentist.

This Father’s Day, help Dad take better care of his teeth in a way he’ll appreciate with one of these dental gadgets.

  • Water flosser: This gadget makes flossing in the shower so simple! The waterpic easily attaches to most shower heads, and has a two-way diverter so you can either shower and use the waterpic, or just use the shower. It’s a fun and simple way to multitask and keep your teeth healthy.
  • Ultraviolent toothbrush sanitizer: These nifty little devices use UV light to effectively kill microorganisms and bacteria on the toothbrush. According to a study, most men only replace their toothbrush every 5 months instead of the recommended 3-4 months. A UV sanitizer helps keep those over-used toothbrushes a little cleaner.
  • Toothpaste tube wringer: Look for a cool or interesting tube wringer to help dad squeeze 35% more toothpaste out of each tube (and help him save money on toothpaste, too!).
  • Electronic toothbrush: Upgrade dad’s toothbrush to an electronic version. Studies show electronic toothbrushes clean better and more thoroughly than manual ones, and they’re also fun to use.

Don’t forget to follow up year-round to make sure Dad’s taking care of his dental health and seeing the dentist regularly.