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Dare to Be Candy-Free This Halloween

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

We wanted to share a question on the blog today that’s probably on many parents’ minds.

“How do I let my kids enjoy all the fun of Halloween without the candy?”

We always like to remind people that there are plenty of fun alternatives to candy. Here are three ideas for items to share at Halloween parties or trick-or-treat events instead of candy.

  • Wacky Whistles. Silly noisemakers provide oodles of entertainment (sorry, parents!).
  • Bouncy (eye)Balls. A treat bowl full of bouncy, bloodshot eyeballs significantly boosts the creepiness factor of any home.
  • Creepy Crawly Favors. Instead of a goody bag full of sweets, fill the bags with spooky Halloween favors like plastic spiders, bats and frightening finger puppets.

The great thing is that you never have to worry or feel guilty about letting your child have more than one of these Halloween treats. Stock up on the fun online or at your local party supply store.