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Back-to-School Dental Tips

Tuesday - August 15th, 2023
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Is your child excited to go back to school? Let Castle Dental keep your child smiling all year round. Their oral health may not be on your mind during this season but don’t worry! We came up with a simple checklist to help ensure your child enjoys a healthy grin!

Fresh Smile for the New School Year

Do you remember the last time you switched out kid’s toothbrush? We recommend replacing them every 3 to 4 months to ensure they aren’t brushing with worn-out bristles. As you think about what to purchase for the new school year, add a pack of new toothbrushes to the list. Your kids will enjoy brushing with their new toothbrushes and the best thing, they’re keeping plaque and cavities at bay.

Protect Against Dental Injuries

School is a great way for kids to discover their passion for sports. From basketball, soccer to volleyball, it’s always good for kids to fall in love with any kind of physical activity. Unfortunately, dental injuries caused by sports are pretty common. Protect your child’s teeth by purchasing a mouthguard which will help prevent chipped or broken teeth and other dental injuries. Accidents do happen so if your child experiences an unexpected dental emergency, Castle Dental is here for you! Call an office near you and book an emergency dental visit and our team of dentists will make sure your child gets the treatment they need.

Hydration is Key

Another item to add to your school supply list is a reusable water bottle. Your kids have a busy schedule and having a water bottle with them helps them drink water throughout the day. Did you know water is also a natural teeth cleanser? Drinking water helps remove unwanted debris or sugars from teeth.

Don’t Let Them Skip Their Oral Routine

Fight off plaque by teaching your kids good oral habits. Here are 3 things they should do daily to help maintain their teeth.

  1. Brush twice for 2 minutes each time
  2. Floss to remove debris in between the teeth
  3. Finish with mouthwash

By following the three habits above, your child is on their way to acing their oral health for the whole school year and beyond!

Dental Checkups are a Must!

Start your child’s school year right by booking a dental exam for them. These exams are not only crucial for their overall well-being but also for their confidence! We want your child to be proud of their smile and flash it to their friends as much as possible. As the year progresses, don’t let school be an excuse for your child to miss their routine dental exams. If you don’t have anything booked yet, find a Castle Dental office near you and schedule one today!

Remember your child’s oral health should be a top priority. We hope you found this checklist helpful in ensuring your child is free from dental issues. Enjoy the new school year and we hope it’s filled with learning, growth, and many fun, smiley memories!