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Floss Boss – Tips and Tools to Finally Make Flossing Stick (And Plaque Not)

Friday - April 27th, 2018
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Flossing. The most underrated, but perhaps most important step of the bedtime routine. If preserving the longevity of your teeth and protection against gum disease isn’t enough incentive, maybe these tools will entice you to give your teeth a little love.

Keep yourself motivated with the help of an app. Habit tracking apps let you track your progress and set reminders. Some apps to get you started are: Productivity, Strides: Habit Tracker, Habits, and Coach.me. You can also set timers and reminders on your smartphone to keep you accountable. Eventually, you may not need them, but until it becomes second nature, structure is a #majorkey.

Tired of losing circulation in your fingers? Try a new approach to flossing with the Waterpik or Airfloss. These handheld tools that use water or air to clean between the teeth will be your new best friend. The Waterpik’s design attaches the device to a water reservoir with a cord; the Airfloss is cordless and often preferred for being less messy. Studies have shown both to be effective at cleaning, though the Waterpik has been shown to clear more plaque than the Airfloss. Cheaper options like interdental flossers (think mini toothbrush) and flavored floss (tutti frutti, anyone?) are also effective ways to eliminate plaque and build up.

Switch it up and commit to a cleaner, healthier smile once and for all!