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Castle Dental - Cedar Park

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401 E. Whitestone Boulevard
Cedar Park, TX 78613
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Actual Patient Reviews
Sunny A. H. on Google
3 days ago
Linda P. on Google
3 weeks ago
This place is awesome. People are super friendly. They explain everything as they go and provide you with an explanation of work you might need as well as expected cost.
Armina K. on Google
3 weeks ago
Great service, kind stuff and good care.
Mimi C. on Google
1 month ago
Thanks for providing prompt Dental evaluation with treatment plans and options for maintaining routine and long term results.
Mitsy V. on Google
1 month ago
Friendly and professional atmosphere. I feel very secure about my dental health in the hands of the team at Castle Dental Cedar Park. Most especially, Bella is highly skilled and a warm soul!
Alice S. on Google
2 months ago
Aamir G. on Google
2 months ago
Dr. Singh is amazing and very caring. The staff is very helpful and knowledgeable. I'm very impressed with this castle dental facility!
Judy D. on Google
2 months ago
S K. on Google
2 months ago
UPDATE: Now that (most of) the work is done I am editing my review. If I could give these folks 10 stars I would! Dr. Gupta (Dentist): I LOVE Dr. Gupta!! She is not only a truly excellent doctor, but she cares about her patients in a way I have personally never seen in a dentist! I'm 62 years old and have never found such a caring and kind dentist in my life! Also, she went above and beyond on several steps including raising my bite a little for no extra charge. That's a pretty big deal and will help me in the future. Today she offered to make a lower night guard (because I still have upper work to do) and said if I can't get used to it because I'm used to an upper, she'd replace it with an upper at no charge. Her work at every step has been impeccable and more importantly, she is so kind, friendly, easy to talk to, and genuinely wants her patients to flourish and be comfortable and have great teeth! She WANTS to hear from her patients and know how they are doing. Dr. Gupta is the whole package for me! Preet (Hygenist/ Assistant): At first I was unsure about Preet, but I realized she was overworked because they were short-staffed. Still, I saw she worked really hard for her patients. Now they have more staff and Preet has risen in my eyes so much! I have trouble with stuff going down my throat due to a condition that makes my throat close. Today doing several impressions, Preet leaned me forward and held me there gently. Rather than my usual anxiety, I felt safe and comfortable. She took great care of me! She told me she would give me something at the end - said she'd "bust a move" with me because she knew I love to dance. AND SHE DID!! We danced to my current favorite song together! That was totally cool!! Stars in Preet's crown! I've already reviewed the amazing Heidi below.... there are three words that epitomize the professionals in this office: Above And Beyond! Cannot recommend them more highly! --------- This review is after exam but prior to work being done. I will update it afterwards. I was there yesterday but I had to leave and return today because my xrays were never sent from my previous dentist. Both yesterday and today I worked with Heidi, the office manager, who is amazing! First off, she was so real. Not this fake, hyper-feminized voice and artificial behavior that you hear at dentist's offices these days which leaves me wanting to run. Heidi is patient, easy-going, not artificial at all, and super understanding! She's also (ex)navy and that holds some weight with me. Yesterday, she asked if I could hang out and wait for the xrays to come and I told her I wasn't the hanging out type. She got it immediately, and we rearranged. Today, she helped me figure out how to manage my insurances to pay for the work I need. She understood my financial and anxiety concerns and wasn't pushy at all, but totally accommodating. It was almost exclusively because of Heidi and her kindness that I decided I want to continue with this dentist. That said, I also saw Dr. Gupta. She was pretty meticulous which is important. She also told me I had bone loss which three other dentists I've seen recently did not. I was surprised when they said I didn't considering I have severe osteoporosis. I knew Dr Gupta was correct, and she showed it to me on the xray. She also found a few things I suspected but that the other dentists did not find. That's important. I don't love having to take care of it, but I know I need it and it's better that than ending up with no teeth. Dr. Gupta understood my anxiety and is preparing to help with an anxiolytic if necessary. Honestly, I was pretty stressed when I got there today; I wasn't at my best but everyone was kind, patient, and helpful despite that. All in all, my experience so far is a solid 5 Stars!
Bernard Beck J. on Google
2 months ago
Dr. Gupta and her team were very caring and efficient during my procedures.
S W. on Google
4 months ago
Everyone here is so nice and helpful. Heidi at the front desk is especially amazing (seriously Castle Dental Corporate if you're reading this, give this woman a raise). She is doing the work of about 5 people all while maintaining a professional and caring demeanor. While waiting, I watched her deal with some especially frustrating clients with so much care and compassion, she was patient, listened and tried her hardest to solve their problems--even with the phone ringing, new patients coming in, scheduling, getting patients to the back, etc. The other staff is really wonderful, too. Dr. Singh, Dr. Gupta, the hygienists, and everyone else seems to genuinely care about who they are serving. The wait is usually pretty long, but I think that is more corporate's lack of hiring than the fault of the office. Plus, I would rather wait and have caring and compassionate service than a quick questionable appointment, especially when it comes to dentistry. That being said, if you have places to be you might want to schedule first thing in the morning or right after lunch because things tend to run behind. Overall, I'm very happy to have found this office and will definitely continue to come here for the quality of care and compassionate staff!
Saurabh G. on Google
5 months ago
Raghu M. on Google
6 months ago
Sandra M. on Google
6 months ago
Friendly staff and wonderful service
sean f. on Google
7 months ago