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Dentists in Rosenberg, TX

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Actual Patient Reviews
Sura M. on Google
1 week ago
Very good experience with the office manager Kanan, so nice, experienced and helper, the doctor and the staff were very nice as well. Highly recommended
maria d. on Google
2 weeks ago
The staff is nice , the doctors are great but the guy that cleans your teeth has a vengeance against women. I have complaints before he always had an excuse as to why he can’t do a full cleaning and tells you it’s your fault . For this reason Iam giving them a 3 . I’ll be changing dentist soon. I had to update my insurance or else I do it sooner. And avoid a second time tragedy service with him.
Baraa n. on Google
2 weeks ago
The new manger is so nice, checked my insurance and has done everything for me. The staff and the doctor are amazing. Highly recommended
Lynn G. on Google
2 months ago
Great friendly staff to greet, very comprehensive X-rays, cleaning and dentist!
Anna A. on Google
2 months ago
Front desk was super helpful. Everyone is nice and I had no problem with my dental work.
Jeffrey G. on Google
2 months ago
The personnel was very knowledgeable and pleasant!
Ashley G. on Google
2 months ago
Rose at the front desk is phenomenal! I am so grateful for her dedication to me and my family.
Glenn H. on Google
3 months ago
Outstanding services and tentative attention to all dental request. Very informative by Mrs. Rose and staff.
dolores M. on Google
3 months ago
I was in severe pain due to a broken molar. Rose referred me to Castle Dental in Rosenberg. I hisitated going because of my fear of going to see a dentist. Rose assured me that they have top notch dentist and dental assistant. She was right ! I had the best experience at Castle Dental. The staff is wonderful and so caring. They fixed my tooth and had a follow up call to see how i was doi g. I highly recommend Castle Dental in Rosenberg. This is the 2nd day and no pain!
Darnell J. on Google
4 months ago
The hygienist got me in & out & did a great job with my gum therapy & cleaning... I do recommend
Empyrean A. on Google
5 months ago
The front desk folks are extremely helpful. The X-ray tech took good care of me. The dentist sat with me and explained her professional opinion, and gave me a plan to consider going forward. I appreciated the time they took to lay out what they felt was urgent and what could wait. My only complaint is that the company prices their services so high, that having insurance is no better than a discount card. It's hard on folks out here.
Lisa Z. on Google
5 months ago
Crown came off. Went in and they re-cemented it.
Doris N. on Google
5 months ago
Dentist & Office Staff are great. My only complaint is the Hygienist.the 1st time he was great 2nd time not so good. He acted like I was irritating him. It was hard to understand him. Bedside manners was not good that day for me. I was so grateful that the Dentist finish me treatment. She was awesome. Hopefully my next visit will be better with the Hygienist. I love Castle Dental!
Teresa M. on Google
5 months ago
I have had two cleanings and I don't feel like I have received a thorough cleaning either time. The hygienist does not clean each tooth or remove plaque on the backside of my teeth. Other Dental cleanings that I have had elsewhere are very thorough and I have been pleased with. I feel rushed at the Castle Dental at Brazos Town Center location and have not been pleased with either one of the cleanings. The staff are nice, but I haven't received the best service there.
Kenishia G. on Google
6 months ago
The first time in a long time I felt really comfortable and work was done promptly 😊
C. T. on Google
8 months ago
They've been nothing but good to me since my first visit. I was self treating a tooth ache, when it got too much I called the office. Rose got me in and was taken cared of right away by knowledgeable Professionals. The front desk is a bonus,thank you all.
judy l. on Google
8 months ago
The Castle dental @Brazos town center location is the best everyone is so nice. I really was appreciative with the front office lady can't remember her name, but she's such a sweetheart. She was very welcoming and very informative. Glad to be going back.
Denise6ft . on Google
8 months ago
Very convenient and Honest!!
Gilberto C. on Google
9 months ago
Went to take care of a wisdom tooth, most dentists would have referred me to an oral surgeon but they took it out no problems saved me bout 600 bucks. Staff was cool and polite very professional 👌
Andrea P. on Google
9 months ago
Great service
Catherine L. on Google
10 months ago
Always treated well. The Staff is always friendly, caring, courteous and professional Highly recommend this dental office to anyone looking for dental care.
Lucinda c. on Google
11 months ago
Rose front office treated me as if she knew me forever friendly , welcoming her personality is a fit for a dentist office: Alejandro and my Doctor -Dr. Dhuka were the best thank you
Kermit B. on Google
1 year ago
My son and husband have been going to them for a little while now, my son is extremely picky about who works in his mouth- he absolutely loves the doctor and staff.
Adrian L. on Google
1 year ago
They were professional and made me feel at ease about coming in.
Jay J. on Google
1 year ago
great place and great staff
Austin O. on Google
1 year ago
I had a good experience at castle dental. They texted me and notified me of my appointment. The front desk agent was friendly and professional as well, and the dentist did a good job. I will recommend them to family and friends.