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Clear Aligners

Clear aligners are a form of orthodontic treatment that provides the same level of effectiveness of traditional metal braces but with more comfort, convenience, and discretion. Clear aligner treatment consists of a personalized plan using a sequence of custom-fitted plastic trays to slowly move uneven teeth into their proper alignment.

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How do clear aligners work?

Clear aligner treatment includes two main components: the set of custom trays and the treatment plan. The clear removable trays you’ll use for treatment are made of thin, clear plastic and designed off a 3D image of your teeth and mouth. This 3D image is taken with an intraoral scanner and used as a guide for your trays and your treatment plan. Each aligner is specifically designed to move teeth a fraction of a millimeter at a time through consistent, gradual pressure, and, in most cases, you’ll receive the entire set of aligners needed at the same time.

Your unique clear aligner treatment plan will outline:

  • how often you will need to switch to a new aligner set (usually about every two weeks);
  • which trays to use when;
  • how often you’ll need to visit the office for a checkup (about every six weeks, on average); and
  • and the estimated duration of your treatment.

During clear aligner treatment, patients are responsible for wearing and changing out the trays according to their treatment plan. The aligners should be worn for a minimum of 22 hours per day, though they can be removed for eating and oral hygiene.

What is the duration of Clear Aligner treatment?

Similar to other orthodontic treatments, clear aligner treatment is unique to every patient and determined by the severity of each case. Most patients are in their clear aligners from 6 to 18 months; however, the length of clear aligner treatment also depends on patient behavior.

You may experience longer treatment times as a result of:

  • Wearing aligners improperly
  • Not changing the aligners out per your recommended treatment plan
  • Not wearing the aligners for 20-22 hours per day

For best results, you’ll need to wear and change out your aligners as directed and avoid damaging or losing any of them.

Who is a good candidate for clear aligners?

Almost anyone of any age is a good candidate for clear aligners, so long as you are able to wear the aligners for the required 20-22 hours a day, keep up with them and your treatment plan, and care for them properly. Clear aligners are an especially appealing option for older teens or adults who want to improve their smile without the discomfort or conspicuousness of braces.

With three treatment levels available–Express, Lite, and Standard–Castle Dental’s Reveal brand of clear aligners makes clear aligner treatment available to even more patients. Dentist-directed and more affordable than other brands, Reveal clear aligners can be used to correct almost any degree of misalignment, including moderate and severe cases. Schedule a complimentary consultation today at a Castle Dental location near you to find out if you’re a good candidate for Reveal clear aligners. 

What kinds of orthodontic issues can clear aligners correct?

Clear aligners like those from Castle Dental’s Reveal® collection can remedy a wide range of orthodontic misalignment issues, from mild to moderate and even severe cases. Thanks to new advances in technology and design, Reveal clear aligners can be used to correct more than just crooked teeth, including conditions like:

  • Open Bites, when some of the teeth in one jaw do not align with the teeth on the opposite jaw. Open bites may lead to or increase TMJ pain and speech difficulties.
  • Crowded Teeth. Teeth that are too large, or a jaw that is too small, can make teeth appear overcrowded and crooked. One or multiple teeth may need to be extracted before a clear aligner can be used to straighten and properly space the remaining teeth.
  • Crossbites, caused by a misalignment of a tooth (or teeth), usually where upper teeth fit inside the lower teeth. Crossbites may potentially cause premature tooth erosion and bone loss.
  • Underbites, where the bottom teeth protrude further than the top teeth.
  • Gaps caused by improperly spaced teeth. Large gaps in particular, if left untreated, may cause greater misalignment problems in the future.

How much do clear aligners cost?

The cost of clear aligner treatment varies from brand to brand as well as the prescribed treatment plan. Complex treatment plans that need more time, more sets of aligners, and/or additional procedures or attachments will likely cost more than less complicated cases. 

Different brands of clear aligners can also have different price points. Invisalign® tends to be among the most expensive options, with an average treatment cost of around $5,000, while Reveal® offers the same effectiveness and quality but at a more competitive price, typically between $2,300 and $3,000.

Many dental insurances will often cover some portion of clear aligner treatment. You may also be able to use a Health Savings Account or Flexible Spending Account to help with the cost of your treatment. You can also take advantage of Castle Dental’s convenient flexible payment plans, affordable financing, and in-house OneSmile Dental Plan.

Reveal Clear Aligners at Castle Dental

Castle Dental is proud to carry Reveal® clear aligners, which feature an innovative sculpted design that allows them to fit more snugly and more comfortably. Reveal clear aligners are made using an advanced BPA-free and phthalate-free plastic material that resists stains and prevents the “cloudy” effect that sometimes occurs with other brands.

Moreover, while most clear aligner treatment is specifically orthodontist-directed and managed, Reveal® clear aligners may be administered and supervised by a trained dentist like those at Castle Dental, making it even easier and more convenient to get exceptional, affordable orthodontic care.

Clear Aligner Treatment at Castle Dental

Castle Dental offers professional, full-service dental and orthodontic care in a comfortable and family-friendly environment. Our convenient retail locations and flexible scheduling options allow you to get in, get out, and get on with your day, all without sacrificing the quality and personal attention you deserve. 

At Castle Dental, we believe everyone deserves exceptional dental care that is also affordable, so we accept most dental insurance plans and work with all of our patients on a case-by-case basis to meet your needs without straining your budget.

Find out if Reveal clear aligner treatment is right for you by calling Castle Dental today. We can’t wait to help you find your best smile!