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The Five W’s of Sunscreen and Sun Protection

It’s summer. School is out and living is easy. Before you rush outside to soak up the sun (because after all, vitamin D helps build strong teeth and bones) and take in all this season has to offer, pause for a minute to school yourself on the who, what, when, where, and why of sunscreen.…

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Summertime Fun…At The Dentist

Nothing says summer like a trip to the dentist’s office. Seriously? Seriously. We know how busy schedules can get during the school year, making summer the perfect time to schedule your kids’ dental appointments. Getting in the habit of visiting the dentist in summer gives you one less thing to do September through June. Besides,…

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Have 10 Minutes to Spare? Try These 10-Minute Power Workouts

What better way to celebrate National Women’s Health Week than with five power workouts! What’s even better is that they’re only 10 minutes long! You can do them on your lunch break, before breakfast, or before bed. Whenever you have 10 minutes and want to get your blood pumping in support of National Women’s Health…

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Give Blood for Red Cross Month

The American Red Cross has been supporting Americans for over 130 years. Each year they train more than 9 million people in first aid and other life-saving tactics. They also collect and distribute more than 40% of the nation’s supply of blood! They respond to almost 70,000 annual disasters in the U.S. by providing food,…

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Top 5 Healthiest New Year’s Resolutions

New Year’s Resolutions are easy to make but difficult to maintain. Each New Year, about 33% of Americans vow to make themselves better in some way through their resolution, and an even smaller percentage follow through. While it can be hard to keep up the enthusiasm months after you make your resolution, it’s not impossible!…

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Tips to Stay Fit During the Holidays

With Christmas behind us and New Year’s just around the corner, it isn’t too late to begin healthy holiday habits! Just because the holidays are synonymous with overindulgence, it doesn’t mean you have to completely give up your health and fitness goals! Here are 4 simple tips to keep you on track for the remainder…

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Should We Frown at Teeth Bleaching?

We know that many of you are busily whitening your smiles in preparation for the series of photos that come with the holidays. Whether it’s before Thanksgiving dinner or gathering around the Christmas tree, there seem to be some photos each year that we can’t avoid. If you’re looking to whiten your teeth to make…

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