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Posts Tagged ‘healthy’

Winter Soup Ideas – Easy as G.G.B. (Grains, Greens and Beans)

Photo by Henrique Felix on Unsplash One of our favorite things about winter is the food! Warm and satisfying comfort food always sounds like a good idea on a chilly day. And comfort food doesn’t automatically mean heavy or unhealthy. With a bit of planning, your winter meals can be both healthy and hearty. One…

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Six Little-Known Things That Impact Your Oral Health

In honor of National Women’s Health Week, let’s find out what’s really going on in your mouth. 1. Menopause During menopause, women’s estrogen levels decrease. So, what does this have to do with your mouth? Estrogen affects saliva production and if your mouth isn’t producing enough saliva, you may experience sore, sensitive gums, dry mouth,…

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The Side Effects Of Smiling

You know the expression “just grin and bear it,” right? How about “fake it till you make it?” Well, they’ve now been scientifically proven. Smiling can change your mood and outlook. And research has shown that smiling even when you aren’t feeling joy tricks the brain into thinking you’re actually happy. It’s a bit easier…

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Top Foods and Drinks that Help Prevent Cavities

Summer is a time where fun takes the wheel and everything else is an afterthought. That can be great when it comes to getting outdoors and playing, going on vacation, and visiting your local theme park. But when it comes to your oral health, fun and games can leave you with cavities. It’s important to…

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