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Cooking with Your Children

Monday - October 24th, 2016
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We realize that it is a difficult task to get the whole family together for dinner. But this is so important! October is recognized as Eat Together, Eat Better Month because of the invaluable benefits of family meals.

Cooking with your kids helps introduce them to a variety of healthy food options. It also allows them to learn important kitchen skills with adult supervision.

No matter the age or skill level, there is always a task that you can delegate to your children so that they feel involved in the process. And we’re sure that they will enjoy the meal even more, knowing that they played a role in its creation. Here is a list of tasks broken into three skill levels that you can delegate to your children. But remember, it is important that everything is done together. This is one of the few moments of the day that the whole family can share together.

Beginner Skills
• Assemble ingredients
• Wash produce
• Open containers and packaging
• Stir or mix ingredients
• Peel bananas or crack eggs
• Table setting

Intermediate Skills
• Recite recipes
• Use can opener
• Measure ingredients
• Roll or knead dough
• Shred cheese
• Preheat and load oven

Advanced Skills
• Using a knife to cut meat or vegetables
• Using appliances like a mixer or blender
• Plan future meals
• Write shopping lists
• Prepare appetizer or snack