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Delicious Ways to Celebrate Memorial Day

Monday - May 22nd, 2017
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What better way to celebrate Memorial Day than with good food and great company? There are so many routes to go, from themed desserts to farm-fresh goodies, making the possibilities endless. Make sure to celebrate the importance of the holiday by inviting a veteran or sharing the meaning behind the holiday with your kids. Here are some great ways to make your Memorial Day delicious!


The recipes for kabobs are endless! You can make them sweet, make them savory, address different diets, and so much more. Try a simple, easy-to-grill kabob with some staple veggies and good cuts of chicken or steak. Have some vegetarians in the mix? Try adding potatoes in place of meat. Want something a little sweeter? Add some fresh fruit like pineapple and strawberries mixed in with the vegetables.


There’s nothing better than farm-fresh ingredients! Try a garden-ripe, fresh tomato salad. For added flavor and interest, use tomatoes of different sizes and varieties. Add some mozzarella cheese, basil, and light vinaigrette dressing for an amazing mouthful! The color and aroma alone will be enough to have people flocking for seconds!


Try something outside the norm this Memorial Day and make a delicious cheesecake tart! This delicious treat, filled with a variety of tasty berries is the perfect way to finish of a Memorial Day celebration. It’s patriotic, it’s (somewhat) healthy, and can be made in a variety of ways to make sure people with different diets can enjoy it! Swap out traditional flour for almond flour or rice flower to make it gluten-free. Try using a vegan cheese to make it vegan-friendly! The possibilities are endless!

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