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2 DIY Homemade Teas

Monday - January 23rd, 2017
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“Tea began as a medicine and grew into a beverage.” – Okakura Kakuzo, The Book of Tea.

Many of us are relegated indoors this cold winter, so what better way to warm your body and spirit than with a homemade tea? Store bought teas are a great alternative, but sometimes we have extra time on our hands during the cold winter months. So open up those cupboards and pantries, find the herbs and spices you’ve stashed, and start mixing your very own tea blend. These recipes can be used for any quantity, so we will list everything in parts. You will need a small mixing bowl, a tea strainer and a teapot.

Soothing Lemon Tisane
3 parts lemon grass
1 part lemon balm
1 part lemon peel
1 part chamomile
1/8 part stevia leaf

First mix all of your herbs in a mixing bowl or glass jar and stir or shake until it is completely mixed. We prefer to use one teaspoon for every 8 ounces. Let this steep for 5-10 minutes and sweeten with honey if desired.

Post-Dinner Digestion Tea
1 part spearmint leaves
1/8 part dried licorice root
Cloves (optional)
Sprinkle of Fennel (optional)

Mix your ingredients together in your bowl or jar. For proportions sake, 1 ounce of spearmint would require 3.5 grams of licorice root. 1 tablespoon of this mixture works best with 8 ounces of water. Consider using glass to store your mixtures because glass won’t absorb odors or chemical residues.