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Don’t Risk Losing Your Dental Insurance Benefits

Monday - November 5th, 2018
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The hustle and bustle of the holiday season is upon us. We know how easy it can be to get distracted as your calendar fills up. With so much going on, it might be tempting to postpone your dentist appointment until next year. But don’t let a busy schedule distract you from taking care of important business – like your family’s oral health.

The benefits period for most dental insurance plans follow a calendar year. That means, they’ll expire on December 31. Occasionally an insurer will offer a brief grace period, but if you’re eligible to use your benefits now, why not take advantage of what you have?

Once you’ve met your deductible, your dental insurer steps in to help cover approved costs until you reach your annual maximum. Neglecting to use your benefits might mean wasting money that you and your employer have set aside to cover dental care costs for the year.

Typically, preventive care costs such as exams and cleanings are 100% covered by your insurance provider and are not credited towards your deductible. Most insurance plans follow a “100-80-20” coverage policy, providing coverage for 100 percent of preventative care, 80 percent of the costs for filings, root canals, and other basic procedures, and 50 percent for crowns, bridges, and other major procedures before you’ve met your deductible. If you haven’t taken advantage of your annual or twice annual cleaning this year- go do it!

If you’ve reached your deductible, it’s a great time to schedule a visit with you dentist to discuss other oral health concerns. Topics you might discuss include:


Dental Implants

Gum Disease

Your benefits just might be able to save you a chunk of change on these more costly procedures and services.

At Castle Dental, we accept most major dental plans. To see if your plan is accepted at one of our offices, use our Office Locator tool on our website. Our offices also provide flexible payment options for patients without insurance. Read more about our offices’ flexible financing options here.