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10 Great Springtime Date Ideas

Monday - April 24th, 2017
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The weather is finally warming up again! Are you ready to go back outside and enjoy that fresh springtime air with your spouse or significant other? The premise of the perfect date is to keep an open mind and remember to have fun! Use this nice weather to have a fantastic time with your special someone no matter what you’re doing.

Check out these 10 date ideas that are perfect for spring!

1. Spa Night: The workweek can be insanely stressful for you and your partner. Take a night to sit back, relax and enjoy each other’s company by spoiling and pampering one another! Give each other back rubs, manicures and pedicures to get your feet ready for those springtime sandals!

2. After Hours Ice Cream Party: Indulge a little! Once everyone is asleep, there is nothing more enticing than a little late night sweet snack. Put the kids to bed and have an ice cream party in your kitchen with you and your significant other for a moment of peace and ice cream deliciousness!

3. Stargazing: Spring is the perfect time to look at the stars. The cold of winter is gone, so you can lay out in your backyard with a blanket and see who can spot the most shooting stars!

4. Power Outage Date Night: Pretend your power is out and have your whole night by candlelight! This will make your date even more romantic! Turn it up a notch and head outside for a backyard picnic.

5. I-Spy Date Night: Have a fun night of silly fun with your special someone. With the warmer weather, pick a spot that takes advantage of the evening spring weather. Drive up a canyon or find a great lookout location to make this date extra special. Take turns picking an “I-Spy” object and see how long it takes your significant other to figure it out.

6. Big Bite Passport: This date takes the typical “dinner date” to the next level. Take a moment with your significant other to pick destinations around your city that you have never visited. Once you compile an ample list, write them down in a small booklet. After you visit each location, add a custom “stamp” to your mini passport. Now you have a year full of dates to fill out your special Big Bite Passport!

7. Knock it Outta the Park Date Night: Plan your entire date around a baseball theme. Even if you can’t get your hands on a pair of tickets, enjoy dinner and a baseball-themed movie filled with peanuts and crackerjacks!

8. Meteor Date Night: There are so many different meteor showers that happen each year. Look up when the next one will be, grab a blanket and your significant other, and head outside to watch the show right from your home.

9. World Record Date: Have you ever wanted to break a world record? Plan a date completely dedicated to you and your special someone breaking a world record, no matter what it is.

10. Dream Date by Design: Start this date by giving your significant other a questionnaire to fill out. From there, use this to head out on all the adventures they’ve always wanted to take!

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