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6 Great Ways to Celebrate MLK’s Legacy with Your Kids

Monday - January 9th, 2017
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Martin Luther King Jr. fought in the 50’s and 60’s for an equality that many of us enjoy today. One of the most important battles was for education, so what better way to honor this man than by teaching his same values of peace, tolerance and equality to our kids. Children learn concepts best through a variety of sensory activities, so we wanted to offer six different ways you can celebrate MLK’s legacy.

Try a few, or go for all six!

1. Read a book about the incredible life of Dr. King, and spend time discussing the lessons he taught about acceptance.

2. Take turns acting out his famous “I Have a Dream” speech, and have your kids insert their own dreams to make it personal.

3. Bust out the paper and pencils and create a timeline of Dr. King’s life. Mark the important events that took place in his short life, and discuss the significance of each event as you draw!

4. Use craft time to make paper doves or peace signs. Hang them up and have children discuss what peace means to them.

5. Organize a small peace parade in your neighborhood. Draw out routes beforehand, and have your kids decorate their bicycles or draw banners for the walk.

6. Give out pieces of paper to each child, have them write dreams on each piece, and scramble them up or toss them in a hat. Take turns drawing a random ‘dream’ and have each person discuss how they can achieve this dream!

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