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Happy New You: Teeth Whitening Coupons & Financing

Friday - January 12th, 2018
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It’s a new year and a new you. That makes it the perfect time to invest in your smile. There are many ways to do this and, if you have been keeping up with your dental appointments, teeth whitening is the next step. Your perfect smile can fade over time, which is natural. Many of the objects you eat will stain the enamel on your teeth. Wine from New Years celebrations and dinners with family, coffee to keep you fueled and ready to go during the work day, and so many other items you eat. With teeth whitening, you’ll remove those stains and bring out a stunning, brilliant glow. If you are worried about the price or want to know about other ways to save during your next visits to Castle Dental, the dentist near you can help with an assortment of dental financing and payment plans, so you can save not only on teeth whitening, but on every single subsequent visit you make to the dentist.

Save Now With Cash Back On Dental Services

If you’re interested in teeth whitening, at Castle Dental you can save big with the current discounts being offered. While there are a few different discounts, probably the best one of note to you and what you’re looking for is the $100 Off Dental Services discount. There are many different dental services that fall under this category. This includes professional teeth cleanings, fillings, bridges, porcelain crowns, dental crowns and, you guest it, teeth whitening. If you’re interested in teeth whitening it is a good idea to contact your local Castle Dental office to make sure this special is going on. With different branches throughout the United States some do run their own specific promotions. You can contact the Castle Dental offices at 1 -844 -400 -7645 in order to find out what is going on and what the current promotions are.

Save With a Union Membership

Paying for dental services is not always the cheapest thing to do. It is a very important thing to do though as it is going to help cut down on the amount of health problems you have, not just with your mouth, but throughout the body. In fact, many tell signs for health problems in other areas of the body first appear in the mouth. For other money saving opportunities, you can cut down on the amount of money you would spend if you are part of a union. Castle Dental understands the importance of union workers and, in order to show and demonstrate appreciation, Castle Dental wants to offer an exclusive dental discount, not only to you, but also your family for life. So if you are part of a union or if you are the head of an organization that employees union workers, make sure to stop on by to Castle Dental and find out how dental insurance through the union and used at Castle Dental can go and save a considerable amount of money for everyone.

Know About the Latest Special Offers

Are you interested in knowing about the latest special offers for money saving opportunities at Castle Dental? If so, the best way to receive information regarding these special offers is to sign up for notifications directly through Castle Dental. After all, not everyone has the time to log online every single month or so in order to look up and discover these discounts. Picking up a phone and giving the offices a call is also time consuming. That is exactly why you can sign up for an email right through the Castle Dental website.

The email is easy to set up and before you know it you’ll be ready to go. Just navigate over to the website and then fill in your first and last name. From there, check off the exact office location you visit. This includes the state, the city and the office (some cities do have multiple offices, to check off the one you visit). You’ll then need to check off the box that states you’re interested in receiving updates regarding money saving discounts and promotions. Once you have checked this out you’ll be good to go and ready to receive money saving opportunities through Castle Dental.

Dental Insurance Plans

If you have dental insurance, make sure to contact your service provider and find out if teeth whitening is covered. Some insurance providers consider teeth whitening to be cosmetic and will not cover it. Other policies have no problem covering this kind of dental service. Either way, it is best to know what you will be paying ahead of time, so always contact the provider before coming in.

If you do have insurance, there will likely be no problem accepting it at Castle Dental. The offices accept most insurance plans, so covering the cost of your teeth whitening isn’t a problem. Of course, if you ever have any kind of problem or questions regarding your insurance and how it is used, one of the helpful and friend associates and team members at Castle Dental will have no problem working with you and addressing your concerns. Best of all, Castle Dental takes care of the paperwork, so you don’t have to worry about this at all. You just come in, bring your insurance information and you’ll be good to go from there.

Financing Options for No Insurance

Now, not everyone has insurance to cover their payments. If that is the case but you’re still interested in teeth whitening and other dental options, make sure to stop in and talk about the different financing options available to you. There are a few different payment plan options to consider and you can apply for these plans either through the office or directly through the Castle Dental website. There is a low down payment with no interest option. There is a no money down and no interest option and, if you are in need of a longer repayment period (which is especially helpful if you decide you need more than just teeth whitening), there is an extended term payment policy of up to 48 months (four years), that gives you a 14.9% interest rate.

If you are interested in applying for one of these different financing options, you can head over to the Castle Dental website and fill out the patient financial application. You will be notified shortly as to whether or not you qualify for the financing services.
You are also able to use your major credit card at Castle Dental as well, so this won’t be an issue either. There are many patients who would rather pay with credit card, both to earn additional points on their card (there’s no wrong way in building up those airline miles!) and and because they like their interest rate better (many new credit cards have no interest rates for an extended period of time). However you go about it and however you wish to pay, Castle Dental has plenty of payment opportunities for you to consider and take advantage of.

Consider OneSmile Dental Plan

Dental insurance is not something everyone has. In fact, there are plenty of people out there who either do not receive dental insurance through their work or who just can’t afford the additional payments and expenses at the present time. If you fall into that category not to worry. Castle Dental is all about providing you with the very best money saving opportunities, which is why you can sign up for OneSmile, a dental plan that is similar to dental insurance, but doesn’t cost as much and yet is a money saving opportunity for not only yourself but your entire family as well. With OneSmile, you have the ability to cut down on the amount of money you pay whenever you visit the dental office.

Now, it might not help you with cutting down on the amount of money you would pay for teeth whitening, but if you’re interested in saving money in other kinds of ways and on other kinds of visits, you are able to do just that. The OneSmile dental plan comes with three different options. The first is a $79 individual plan, which covers just you throughout the duration of the year. If you have a spouse or live with someone you can consider the two individuals plan for $99 a year, which is a fantastic money saver. If you have a family of three or more people, you can consider the family plan that costs $119 per year.

With the plan, you always receive free exams and free x-rays. This way, you’ll never have to pay during your initial visits. This along is going to pay for the subscription to OneSmile on a year basis. You are also guaranteed to be accepted as it is not actual insurance, nor does it look at your current credit history. There is no annual maximum and no claims forms to fill out. This way, if you’re interested in saving money at Castle Dental and want either a form of coverage that works like insurance, or you want something that can supplement your current insurance policy, this is a great addition to consider.

There are other areas you’ll save money on (an average of 20 to 40 percent of all your dental needs will be paid for with the OneSmile service). If you are in need of a cleaning, filling, crowns, core buildup services (including pins) or are in need of a tooth removal due, these services are partially paid for. Even if you discover you need to have a tooth extracted but want to save money, you can apply and complete the OneSmile forms and then return to the dentist to take advantage of the money saving opportunities.

Affordable Services from a Dentist Near Me

If you’re currently trying to find not only a dentist who can help you with teeth whitening but with your other dental needs, you’re not alone. Thankfully though, there is an easy way to do this with Castle Dental. All you need to do is visit the Castle Dental website and look up the different branches. You can look over the list of branches, or you can input your state and zip code. This way, you’ll be able to find the nearest Castle Dental branch. If you currently are a member of Castle Dental but are moving, make sure to talk to the staff and ask about other Castle Dental locations near you. They can then send over your records ahead of time so the dentist will already be up to date on all of your dental needs. It doesn’t matter if you’re just looking for teeth whitening or you want a full-time dentist who is able to work with you on all of your other dental needs, you will be covered.

Set Up Your Appointment Today

If you’re ready to schedule an appointment for your teeth cleaning or other services, you can do so right from the comfort of your home and on your computer. It is rather easy and straightforward to do. All you need to do is head over to the website and choose your state, city and office. From there, check off if you are a new patient or a current patient. You’ll need to enter your first and last name, your date of birth and your gender. From there, include your contact information, such as your zip code, email and your phone number (plus the type of phone you are calling from, such as a work, mobile or home phone). Now, select your appointment time and ready and click submit.

If you’re looking for a brand new smile to represent the new you this year, make sure to come out to Castle Dental and check out what the current specials are. The team at Castle Dental wants to help give you the beautiful looking smile, which is exactly why there are several different low cost and money saving opportunities for you. So make sure to check everything out on the Castle Dental website and then schedule yourself an appointment. Teeth whitening and a brighter smile is just a phone call or email away.