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3 Healthier Food Choices for 2016

Wednesday - September 21st, 2016
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Your diet can have a direct effect on your health and your oral health.

Making healthy food choices can reduce your risk of tooth decay, gum disease, obesity, hypertension, high cholesterol, and heart disease, to name a few. Here are three ways to make those choices easier.

  1. Keep it simple. Opt for simpler foods, like vegetable, fruits and lean meats. If you buy processed foods, go for the ones with the fewest ingredients. Highly processed foods are typically loaded with unhealthy sugar, salt, fats, and refined carbohydrates.
  2. Make good food available. You’re more likely to eat healthy if good food is readily available in your kitchen, and less likely to eat bad food if it’s not around. So clear out all the junk foods from your house. Then you’ll think twice about that cookie or pizza if you have to go out and get it.
  3. Have healthy snacks on hand: The best way to consistently eat healthy is to plan meals ahead of time and eat on a schedule. However, if you find yourself unable to prepare a healthy meal, keep some healthy snacks nearby. This will help prevent you from hitting the vending machine or drive through. Unsalted nuts (like almonds), apples, and dried fruits are some great options.