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Oscar Party Activities That Are Just as Entertaining as the Award Show Itself

Monday - February 20th, 2017
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The Hollywood award season is entertaining on so many levels.

There’s more to watch on TV, the celebrity magazines are filled with red carpet photos and fashion reviews, and there are more excuses to have themed parties! Annual Academy Awards, are the most celebrated of all the award ceremonies. But don’t worry, Academy Awards parties aren’t only fun for movie buffs. With these Oscar Party activities, people will enjoy themselves even if they haven’t seen any of the nominated films.

1.) Balloon Awards – Come up with award titles, write them on balloons, and pass them out to your guests as part of your own little awards ceremony. Categories could include: Best Dressed, Best Duo, Best Hairdo, Best Entrance, etc. You can even make the winners come up with acceptance speeches. The balloons will help decorate your party, as well as add to the fun of the night!

You’ll need:
o White or gold balloons filled with helium
o A black or gold marker
o Ribbon
o Something that can be used as weights – ideas: candy bars, miniature plastic Oscar statues or star cutouts made out of thick paper stock

2) Printable Oscar Ballots – Print out downloadable ballots, which can be found on a number of online sites. Pass them out to your guests along with a pen they can use to make their guesses and mark their correct answers as they follow along with the show. Offer up a prize for the person who correctly predicts the most category winners.

3) Acceptance Speech Mad Libs – Mad Libs are phrasal template games where one player prompts others for a list of words to substitute for blanks in a story, before reading the – often comical or nonsensical – story aloud. For your Academy Awards Party, create your own Mad Lib fill-in-the-blanks acceptance speech or use the one below, and see what kind of speech your friends come up with.

“Wow! I can’t believe this. This is [ADJ ENDING IN -ER]__________ than I expected. OK, I’d like to thank [PERSONS NAME]_________ for this [ADJ]_________ honor. Working on [MOVIE TITLE]____________was such an [ADJ]____________ experience. I need to thank [MAN’S NAME]_________ , our wonderful [JOB TITLE]_____________ for all of his hard work on the film. His direction brought this film to [NOUN]____________ and made me [ADJ]_________.
I have been [VERB ENDING IN -ING]_____________ about this since I was a [NOUN]________. I wouldn’t be here without [PERSONS NAME]___________ for raising me and supporting me. Oh no, I’m getting the signal to [VERB]____________ it up. Well, thank you again, and if my [PLURAL NOUN]______________ are watching, go to bed!”

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