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6 Winter Date Ideas

Monday - February 27th, 2017
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When it comes to planning the perfect date for you and your significant other, winter can make things tricky. With the weather, you never really know what you are dealing with when you try and plan something outdoors. Don’t let that deter you from having a great time.

Here are 6 winter date ideas you can try.

1. Find a Cute Coffee Shop and Go for a Walk Through the Park

You and your significant other love to sit and talk about your favorite literary classic or discuss the latest film you both saw. Spend the afternoon chatting and laughing at your local independent coffee shop, order a fancy coffee drink, and just spend some one-on-one time. Once you’ve gotten your caffeine buzz, bundle up and walk through the prettiest park in your city.

2. Go Ice Skating Followed by Some Hot Cocoa

Feeling coordinated? Put your layers on, bring an extra pair of wool socks, and find an ice rink. While an outdoor ice rink gives off the winter wonderland aesthetic, indoor rinks can be just as charming with the music playing. After showing off your moves (or trying not to fall) go grab a cup of hot cocoa to warm up.

3. Go on a Dessert Crawl

Who says a date has to be limited to one place? The perfect date could be indulging in sweet treats with your significant other on a dessert crawl! What’s a dessert crawl? It’s when you pick your favorite dessert and go to a handful of restaurants in a row to determine who makes it best. No matter what, you will be in for a sweet day!

4. Go For a Dip in a Hot Tub

Keep warm on your date with a little hot tub action! If you don’t have a hot tub, do some research to see if there are any places in the area you can find a hot tub to hop into. While that may seem odd, there are many hot tub bars popping up all over the place. If you don’t live near one, find a hotel that has one.

5. Check out a Hockey Game

Get tickets to an ice hockey game in your city! This cold weather sport will get you into the winter spirit! Bring a warm jacket, your giant foam hand, and cheer among other hockey fans! The game will be full of action and excitement, making it the perfect date!

6. Go on a Cozy Weekend Getaway to a Cabin

Take a weekend to leave town and get a breath of fresh air. Rent out a cabin for a weekend a couple hours from where you live, explore a new area, and enjoy the company of your significant other in a new environment or location. A change of scenery can help spice up your date night (or weekend, in this case)!

Every relationship is different, and that’s what makes it so much fun! No matter the relationship you and your significant other have, there is a fun winter date for everyone!