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Packing a healthy lunch for your kids

Tuesday - September 20th, 2016
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There are so many options out there that are quick and easy to throw into our kids’ lunchboxes in the morning, so it’s easy to find ourselves relying on pre-packaged items that are full of preservatives and other additives that are not only unhealthy, but negatively impact kids’ teeth as well.

Teaching them to eat well while they’re young is one of the best ways I’ve found to inspire them to be healthy eaters as adults. All it takes is a little extra thought and planning to make those lunches healthy and yummy for your kids.

One of the most successful tips that I almost always recommend as a first step towards creating healthy eaters is to pack your kids’ lunches at night. We all know how rushed mornings can be, and even with the best of intentions, sometimes we find ourselves running late and running out of time. In this case, one of the first things that often falls by the wayside is the kids’ lunches. We either give them lunch money, and we all know how that can turn out, or we throw some of those easy, pre-packaged items into their lunchbox. Planning ahead and packing lunches the night before can dramatically increase your kids’ chances of eating well the next day.

Having some go-to lunch ideas can make the process even easier. I’ve listed several ideas below that are easy to make the night before and will keep your kids healthy and happy. Now go get rid of those bags of cookies and chips!

Any other lunch ideas you’d like to share? We’re always looking for healthy,