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Remember These Things Before Houseguests Arrive

Monday - November 5th, 2018
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Photo by Jordan Arnold on Unsplash

Stumped with how to prepare your home for guests over the holidays? No worries! Just read these 5 simple tips and your home will feel relaxing and welcoming from the moment the guests arrive to the time they they say goodbye.


No guest wants to feel like they’re intruding and pushing you out of your space, so go the extra step and declutter the guest room. Get in the right frame of mind by think of the last time you visited a hotel and how that room was set up for you, then take the guest room down to the essentials.

Hand Write a Welcome Note

A handwritten welcome note feels extra personal and allows you to express how much you appreciate having these loved ones in your home.

Gather Local Magazines and Event Guides

If your guests will be on their own a fair amount, it’s a good idea to leave out the local paper, some interesting local magazines and some information on fun events and activities.

Stock Extra Pillows and Blankets

You never really know people’s sleep-time preferences. One pillow or two? Do they like a cool room to sleep in or to keep things toasty warm? Be prepared no matter what with extra pillows and spare blankets in a visible spot in the guests’ room.

Create an “I-Forgot” Basket

The “I-Forgot” basket can be filled with all basic essentials for guests staying the night, including shampoo, conditioner, soap, deodorant and even a phone charger. Most important of all, help your guests keep breath fresh and teeth clean with a toothbrush, toothpaste and dental floss. If you want to take your “I-Forgot” basket to the next level, this blog posts is filled with delights and surprises for your guests.

Making your guest feel right at home is the first step in making a memorable holiday visit. We hope these tips help you feel ready for your guests so you can focus on being together.