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The Best Ways to Instill Good Oral Health Habits in Kids

Tuesday - February 25th, 2020
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How to keep your children from getting cavities

Tooth decay, also known as cavities, is one of the most chronic yet entirely preventable childhood diseases. Those who practice good oral hygiene have a lower risk and can entirely prevent tooth decay. That’s why it’s super important that kids establish healthy oral habits sooner rather than later. Parents and caregivers are one of the most important ways to ensure this happens. Your consistent effort today to help your kids develop good oral health habits will pay off with a lifetime of oral health.

8 Tips to Establish Good Oral Hygiene Habits with Kids

Nearly one in five children under the age of 5 has experienced tooth decay according to the “State of Little Teeth Report” from the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD). While this number is troubling, it’s very possible to dramatically impact it. Good dental habits and regular dental visits starting by age 1 (or when the first teeth pop through the gums) can slow or reverse the tooth decay process in children.

Seeing is Believing: The Egg Experiment

Sometimes it’s easier (and more effective) to show rather than tell when it comes to getting children to care about their oral health. That’s where the egg experiment comes in. This simple experiment demonstrates to your kids the benefits of healthy eating and regular brushing.

Tooth enamel, the hard outer part of your teeth, is similar to the hard outer shell of an egg. Even though they aren’t exactly the same:

What You Need for the Egg Experiment


Option #2: Another version of this experiment adds a second cup filled with milk or water. Fill one cup with the soda as instructed above and then fill another with milk or water to compare what happens to the egg after being submerged in the different liquids for a day.

Discussion and Learning

After your child sees the way brushing can wash away the brown film left on the egg by the cola, discuss these topics:

Motivate your Children to Practice Good Oral Health Habits

If your family still struggles with good oral health habits, sometimes a bit of motivation is just what the “dentist” ordered. Even adults respond well to a little bit of motivation to establish valuable life habits. So, here are some ideas to try when you want to motivate your kids to practice better oral hygiene:

It might seem like your child will NEVER establish good oral hygiene at the rate you’re going. Don’t despair. This too shall pass with consistent effort on your part. In the meantime, be sure you schedule your child’s dental checkup and cleaning-another important task for a lifetime of good oral health. Request an appointment online today!