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The Cost of Veneers with Financing in 2018

Monday - February 5th, 2018
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Looking for a great way to improve your smile in as little as two visits? Veneers offers you exactly that. So whether you have a cracked tooth you need to restore or you want to improve the appearance of all you front teeth, veneers offers you this opportunity. Visiting a dentist near you such as Castle Dental to consider these veneer options is a must in order to make sure you’re a proper candidate. One of the questions you’ll need to answer prior to undergoing veneers is financing. At Castle Dental, you’ll find there are several different dental financing and payment plans available. This way, you’ll have your beautiful smile paid for and ready for you to begin showing off in no time at all.

Different Kinds of Veneers

When you visit Castle Dental, you’ll discover there are many different kinds of veneers. Each type comes with its own benefits. Porcelain veneers is one of the most traditional kinds of veneers. These have been around since the 1930s. The cosmetic dental improvements have come a long way since first hitting the market. These kinds of veneers are made from a high-end ceramic that are forged to give a beautiful look that really catches the light in a very similar way to enamel. This way, you’ll have a beautiful smile that also looks natural.
Lumineers is a specific brand of porcelain veneers. These are great if you currently have sensitive teeth. Lumineers are thinner so it doesn’t require as much tooth preparation (filing down some of the enamel of the tooth). In some cases, you may not need any tooth preparation ahead of time.

Composite resin is a kind of veneers that gives you the same kind of benefits and looks of porcelain although at a lower cost. The main difference composite is not always the go-to is it won’t last as long. Composite veneers will still last you well over a decade with proper care. As is the case with Lumineers, it doesn’t take much, if any, tooth preparation so you can get in and get out with your brand new smile.

There are a number of different speciality veneers. These different veneers are custom made to fit teeth that might be more severely damaged (such as cracked or chipped) and require additional bonding to help not only cover up the tooth, but secure it. There are also veneers that instead of factory made are produced through a state of the art 3D printer, which cuts down on the amount of time it takes to make your new teeth.

Whatever the kind of veneers you’re interested in, make sure to talk to your dentist at Castle Dental to find out not only what the best veneer option for you is, but which makes the most sense financially.

Veneer Process

Understanding the process of fitting and placing veneers can help answer and address a few of the questions you might have going into Castle Dental.

First, your teeth will be measured and a mold taken. This way, the dentist knows the alignment of your current teeth and how the new veneers need to align. Depending on the kind of veneers you go with, the new veneers may be formed using this mold. Other times, a digital 3D image is created with special scanning hardware and computer software. From there, the mold can be produced from that. However, even if the veneer is not taken from the mold, you’ll still need to have one made for your temp veneers.

When being fitted for veneers some enamel usually needs to come off. The exact amount depends on the teeth and the kind of veneers you’re going with. Thinner veneers do not require as much enamel to be removed. However, as the new veneer is adding an additional layer of thickness, it needs to fit flush against your current teeth, so removing a bit of enamel is necessary.

The temp veneers are made using the mold and pressed against your teeth. These temp veneers will last you until you can come back in for your second appointment and have the new veneers placed. Temp veneers still look very good. These do go on in a single piece instead of by individual teeth, but it is next to impossible to tell this. All of the groves and indentations are there and you can brush like normal (but make sure to listen to your dentist for any special instructions on caring for your temps).

When you come back to the dentist, the temp veneers will be removed. Because your teeth already have the necessary enamel removed, most of the prep work is already done. Any residue from the temps is removed and your dentist will begin adhering the new veneers to your teeth. Some additional prepping to ensure a flush fit may be required, but the application process is generally straightforward. Once the dentist is happy with the alignment (and they will show you the veneers to make sure you are happy as well), the veneers will be secured to your teeth. There are a few different methods for doing this, but usually it is with a heat based bonding material that will never reach this kind of higher temperature during your daily life, so you won’t need to worry about the veneers coming off.

How Much Do Veneers Cost

The overall price of a veneer is going to vary a bit. The exact kind of veneer you do decide to go with will play an impact into the final cost. Some dental offices also offer a discount when you have a certain number of veneers applied. There are offices that will discount the price per veneer if you go with six or eight. This is because it costs a set amount of money to produce veneers, so by adding additional veneers the cost per veneer to be made does drop, so the savings are passed on to you.

In reality, depending on the kind of veneer you decide to go with, the number of veneers you go with and any kind of complications, the cost of a veneer may settle around $1,000 each, although this price can vary both higher and lower. Keep this as a ballpark estimate if you are attempting to budget veneers. It’s always best to discuss the current costs and what it most likely will end up running you with your dentist. This way, you’ll have a clearer idea as to what it might actually run you at the end of the procedure.

Insurance For Veneers

It is a good idea for you to consult your insurance provider to see if veneers are covered. Usually there are two different reasons for why a veneer is used. First, the tooth is damaged. If the tooth is cracked due to sudden impact or your tooth required a root canal and it’s structural foundation is weak, then you require a veneer to maintain the integrity of the current tooth. The other reason is purely cosmetic. You want to improve your smile, brighten your smile, straighten your teeth or just improve how you look. Your dental insurance provider may cover veneers, but often it is only if it falls under the former reason. Dental insurance is all about maintaining your healthy smile, so if a veneer is required to secure the tooth, then the insurance may go to cover this.

However, if you’re considering veneers for cosmetic purposes, you likely will have several put in at once. It is recommended to have, six to eight veneers per row put in. This way, all of the teeth can maintain a similar look, appearance and shade. Veneers fade and stain at a slightly different rate than natural enamel, which means eventually the veneers will not look exactly the same as regular teeth. Plus, you can’t whiten veneers like you would enamel. Your insurance provider will likely not cover this kind of procedure, although it is worth looking into.

If your insurance provider will cover at least some of the cost of your veneers, Castle Dental does accept most insurance providers. Plus, you’ll never need to handle the paperwork. Everything is done in house so you just need to provide your insurance information. If you’re not exactly sure if your current insurance provider covers the procedure and you are unable to get a clear answer from the company, Castle Dental can contact the company and get to the bottom of what the policy covers.

Available Dental Discounts

Before moving forward with any kind of work, make sure to check out what the different dental service discounts are at Castle Dental. You may find there are plenty of money saving opportunities available. Currently, the offices are providing a $100 off dental service discount. There are also often additional discounts for other cosmetic procedures, such as porcelain veneers. Every Castle Dental office is a bit different, so you’ll want to make sure to talk it over with your specific office to see what the current discounts are. From there, you can go and take advantage of the monetary savings given to you through these savings opportunities.

If you want to stay on top of the latest available discounts through your office, head on over to the Castle Dental website, then fill out the required email information to stay on the email list.

Dental Financing Opportunities

Should you find your insurance doesn’t pay for the procedure, or if it only covers part of it, there are financing options available through Castle Dental. This way, you can find an available opportunity to help cover the cost of veneers. Plus, with several different financial options available to you, you can apply for the plan that works best for you.

First, there is a low down payment with zero interest and a no money down, no interest payment plan. If you put money down you won’t have to pay as much every month. Depending on credit scores and a few other points of interest, you may be required to put some kind of money down when opting into the particular financing opportunity.

Another option is an extended payment plan, where you have up to 48 months (four years) to pay the amount of the loan back with a 14.9 percent promotional interest rate. You can apply for these different financing options directly through the website ahead of time. This way, when you come into the Castle Dental office everything will be taken care of and waiting for you.

Credit Card Payments

Castle Dental does accept all credit cards and forms of payments. This way, whether you have American Express, Visa, Discover or MasterCard you will be covered. It is recommended if you pay with a credit (or debit) card, to contact your bank and let them know you are making this kind of a purchase. If a one time purchase, it is a larger amount and some banks may flag it as suspicious. It’s just easier to make sure this is not a potential problem by contacting the bank ahead of time (this is usually more of a concern with debit cards over credit cards).

Affordable Veneers from a Dentist Near Me

When it comes to a new smile and a new you, veneers really can work wonders. With two or so visits to the dentist, you can have the beautiful, brilliant smile that you’ve been dreaming of your entire life. These are just some of the different payment and financial options available to you. If you have additional questions regarding the payment options available through your Castle Dental office, make sure to call the office directly at [phone] as each is a little bit different. Plus, with the different discounts available through the particular office, you may discover even more great money saving opportunities. Is there anything better than saving money and improving upon the way you look? With more money back in your pocket and the confidence of a new smile, you’ll be ready to showcase your brilliant smile in no time.