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The Halloween Candy Do Not Eat List

Wednesday - September 21st, 2016
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It’s healthier to be the house on the block that hands out apples instead of candy, but it won’t win you points with trick-or-treaters.

At the very least, avoid handing out these worst of the bunch.

  1. Gummy candies: While gummies and bright and cute, they are little more than straight corn syrup, sugar and artificial colors and flavors. They’re also notorious for sticking to teeth and promoting cavities. In some cases, they may even dislodge new fillings.
  2. Sour candies: The problem with sour candies is that they are highly acidic, which can soften teeth and cause enamel erosion. If you can’t resist, try eating a sour candy quickly without holding it in your mouth for too long. Also, wait at least 30 minutes to brush your teeth. When the enamel is softened by acid, even gentle brushing can do real damage.
  3. Hard candies: Hard candies are typically popped in your mouth and sucked for a long period of time. All that time in your month means the acids and sugars in the candy will be in contact with your tooth enamel longer. Chewing hard candies can also do damage to your enamel so just avoid them all together.