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The Worst Wake-Up Calls For Your Teeth

Tuesday - September 20th, 2016
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While many of us need a morning beverage to help start the day, unfortunately some of those drinks are not helping our teeth. From staining to eroding enamel, here are the worst teeth offenders you can drink:

Coffee: Sadly, our favorite morning staple is also a notorious teeth-stainer. It is also highly acidic, which can cause erosion of the enamel on your teeth.

Teas: Despite its health benefits, tea can bad for your teeth in terms of staining power. However, if you need caffeine, tea is one of the better alternatives because studies show it does not affect tooth enamel as much as coffee and other acidic drinks do. Plus, tea may help reduce gum disease. Just try to drink it without added sugar, or you’ll negate the positive effects and promote the bacteria in your mouth.

Orange juice: This sneaky offender seems so healthy, but in reality drinking a glass of it may be as bad as drinking a can of soda. Many juices are loaded with sugar, and are highly acidic.

Energy drinks: Energy drinks are a big no-no for your teeth. Most are full of sugar, and all of them are very acidic. So even if you chose a sugar-free option, the acidity and carbonation can still damage your enamel.

If you must have one of these to start you day, try using a straw (to avoid direct contact) and rinse your mouth with water right away. Also, wait 30 minutes to one hour before brushing your teeth, as the acids can weaken your enamel, leading to damage caused by brushing.