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4 Ways to Build a Strong Immune System

Tuesday - September 20th, 2016
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Your immune system is an intricate system of cells that patrol your body, destroying germs and other infections.

It’s also your first line of defense against illness. Keeping your immune system strong is the best way to stay healthy. Here are some ways to do just that!

  1. Relax: There are two types of stress: good and bad. The good kind is short, like what you may feel before a big test. The bad kind is prolonged, increases your cortisol levels, and studies show that it can weaken your immune system. Do yourself a favor and make an effort to de-stress whenever possible.
  2. Exercise: Getting out and being active has numerous health benefits, including benefits for your immune system. That’s because it makes your immune system circulate more effectively, which may help it detect and eliminate infections earlier.
  3. Quit smoking: Studies show that nicotine actually suppresses the immune system, making smokers more susceptible to infections and inflammation.
  4. Hygiene: Simply having good personal hygiene is a great way to stay healthy. Washing your hands, brushing your teeth, bathing regularly and sleeping well can help keep an immune system strong.