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5 Ways To Make The Tooth Fairy Love You

Tuesday - September 20th, 2016
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Although most kids don’t start losing baby teeth until around age 6, National Tooth Fairy Day is coming up February 28, and we think it’s a perfect way to begin the conversation about dental health.

Here are some ways your kids can win the Tooth Fairy’s favor through sparkling, healthy teeth:

  1. Teach kids to avoid sugary foods: You can bet that the Tooth Fairy doesn’t like to celebrate with cakes and cupcakes because sugary snacks are bad for teeth! Make snacks that the Tooth Fairy likes to munch on, such as fresh fruits and veggies.
  2. Give mouth-friendly gifts: The Tooth Fairy, like anyone, loves to give and receive presents. On her special day, she’d love to know that kids are getting the proper tools to take care of the teeth that she’ll one day be collecting. Give your kids something that will encourage them to brush, like a fun toothbrush or toothpaste.
  3. Teach great habits: Spend some time showing your kids how to brush and floss the way the Tooth Fairy likes very thoroughly and twice a day. There are resources online with Tooth Fairy activities that can also be useful teaching tools.
  4. Tooth Fairy playtime: Make fun ways incorporate the Tooth Fairy in your kids playtime, such as dressing up, putting on a play about what she looks for in teeth, and how to keep teeth in Tooth Fairy-approved shape.
  5. Learn more: There are many books and videos featuring the Tooth Fairy that can help kids understand why oral hygiene is important. Visit your local library and check out all the Tooth Fairy stories you can find.

We think celebrating National Tooth Fairy Day is a fun, interesting, and informative way to start building years of healthy teeth!