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3 Ways to Make Your Whole Family’s Teeth Healthier Together

Tuesday - September 20th, 2016
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We would like to think it’s only our kids who need to be reminded to brush their teeth, but sometimes the whole family needs a refresher.

Here are some ways to keep everyone’s teeth healthier, together.

  1. Use timers: Look into buying fun, interesting timers to track how long everyone brushes. There are a lot of types of timers, but look for one that can stay on the bathroom counter so the family remembers to use it and brush for a full two minutes each time.
  2. Make oral health a group project: Everyone in the family will do a better job brushing if you’re all in it together. Try to get everyone to brush together a few times a week. This way, you can reinforce good brushing techniques, such as brushing the tongue and back teeth or not brushing too hard. You can also make sure everyone’s toothbrush is rinsed off and cared for correctly.
  3. Check in: If you can’t find the time to brush together, make a point to check in with everyone in the family to see if they’ve noticed any issues with their teeth and gums (like bleeding, tenderness or pain). If there are any problems, make an appointment with the family dentist right away.