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3 Myths About Oral Cancer

Monday - April 29th, 2024
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Visiting Castle Dental for regular checkups and cleanings means you’re being proactive in detecting early signs of oral cancer. Oral cancer refers to any cancer that develops in your mouth, sinuses, and throat. If not treated early, it can be life-threatening. Stay on top of your oral health by reading this blog to learn more about oral cancer and its common myths.

Myth 1: It’s easy to detect oral cancer

Fact: Early stages of oral cancer can be very hard to detect and symptoms may not be obvious. This is why getting regular screenings at your dentist is crucial. These exams allow your dental team to look for any signs and if something is detected, you’ll be referred to a specialist who will continue your care. Early detection is key for successful treatment outcomes. Our dental team at Castle Dental always prioritizes your oral health and makes sure you receive the best treatment possible.

Myth 2: Since I’m not considered high-risk, I don’t need oral cancer screenings

Fact: Regardless of your risk factors, you should still undergo regular oral cancer screenings. Again, these examinations are crucial for early detection and improving treatment outcomes. During every dental cleaning, your dentist and hygienists are screening your mouth for any signs of oral cancer – the examinations are quick and painless. Most importantly they can save your life so don’t forget to book routine cleanings!

Myth 3: Oral cancer only affects tobacco users

Fact: Though tobacco users do have a higher risk of getting oral cancer, non-smokers can still develop the disease. Drinking excessive amounts of alcohol, constantly leaving out vegetables and fruits from your diet, overexposure to the sun, and human papillomavirus (HPV) are all other risk factors. You can reduce your chances of contracting oral cancer by exercising regularly, eating balanced meals, and managing your stress. Make sure to get vaccinated for HPV too!

A Hopeful Future

We are looking forward to oral cancer being a thing of the past. Thanks to increased awareness, early detection, and technological advancements, that future is within our reach. Take control of your oral health by not skipping your routine dental visits. If it’s been some time since your last check-up, find the closest Castle Dental office near you. Our team of dental professionals is ready to make sure your smile is healthy and oral-cancer free.