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Austin Orthodontist: Payment Plans for Braces

Monday - March 5th, 2018
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There’s just nothing like the confidence of a beautiful smile. The ability to flash a brilliant and straight smile is something nothing else can replicate. Braces are one way you can correct your smile, and the beauty of braces is it’s not something just for children. People of all ages are taking advantage of the cosmetic benefits of braces. Of course, braces are for more than just giving you straight teeth. Braces also help correct jaw problems and help avoid other painful oral conditions crooked teeth may cause. But how should you pay for braces? Braces, while often necessary, are also an investment. That is why the team at Castle Dental is here to offer you different payment methods and plans, all designed to help you afford a beautiful smile.

How Much Do Braces Cost?

Before you go any further with braces, you likely have a few questions regarding the price. Now, there is not just a single answer when it comes to this. Every person is a bit different, so it may take you more or less time wearing braces. You might need to wear braces for a little more than a year or closer to two years. The longer you wear braces the more times you’ll need to see the dentist and have the braces tightened. This will play a role in the eventual cost. Additionally, there is the cost of material. The least expensive form of braces is a metal brace. Metal braces are more traditional and have been around longer. Another option (and slightly more expensive) is ceramic braces. The right form of braces might vary depending on your particular needs. There are also other forms of corrective equipment available, ranging from Lingual to Invisalign. So in order to determine the final price, you really won’t know until it’s all said and done.

With all of that in mind, the cost of braces, without the aid of insurance or any payment plans or discounts, can range anywhere from around $3,000 or so to around $9,000 (although this is for the highest grade Lingual form of braces, which will cost potentially two or three times that of metal and ceramic braces). The team at Castle Dental wants you to understand how much it may end up costing, but it’s also important to realize that no two people are different, so knowing exactly what the final price will be is impossible to say. After seeing the team at Castle Dental though it is possible to make some better ballpark assessments based on the current configuration of your teeth.

Braces Financing and Payment Plans

Paying for braces in one foul swoop is not something many people are able to do. Thankfully, there are payment plan options available to you, which will make it easier to pay for these services. Now, for starters, at Castle Dental you don’t need to pay for 100% of your braces costs up front. You can pay as you go. This means you’ll pay during each visit. As you’ll come into the dentist’s office every few weeks or so this does make it easier. However, even then, if you are in need of a payment plan and other financing options, there are options available.

There are three different payment options available for you to consider (outside of paying with your credit card, in which you can pay whatever the interest rates are with your credit provider). The first option is to go with a loan down payment with no interest rate. The second is to go with a no money down and no interest payment plan. These two plans are shorter-term loans and will require you to pay it off faster than the third option. If you decide to skip the down payment, the amount of money you need to pay per month will increase, so keep that in mind.

The third option is an extended repayment period. The full repayment period lasts up to 48 months (up to four years) and comes with a 14.9 percent promotional interest rate. If you’re interested in the up to four year repayment period it is recommended to move faster and apply for this financing option. This is because as a promotional interest rate offer, it may increase depending on what financing bank decides to do in the future, so if you want to be locked into the 14.9 percent, you’ll want to apply sooner rather than later.

You can apply for the different financing payment plans directly through the Castle Dental website. This way, before you sign up for an appointment or decide to look for other insurance options, you’ll know exactly whether or not you have access to the financing and the payment options that accompany it.

Promotional Offers

Castle Dental continually runs different promotional offers. These offers are designed to help chip away at what the final cost will be for your dental services. These promotional offers do vary throughout the year and even from one office to the next. So, if you’re interested in learning more about what the current promotional offers are, make sure to contact your particular office for what is available.

If you’re interested in staying up to date on the latest money saving promotional offers from Castle Dental without constantly calling, you’re in luck, as Castle Dental makes this as easy as possible. To become an exclusive member, sign up for coupons at our website by entering your name, state and the office you visit (or are interested in visiting). Now, type in your email address and check off that you want to stay up to date on the latest dental discounts and offers. Once you submit the information you’ll be on the mailing list for money saving discounts. You never know what kind of financial opportunity will be right around the corner!

Insurance Opportunities

If you currently have dental insurance you might be in luck. Many forms of dental insurance do cover braces, at least in some shape or form. If braces will correct current dental problems (such as jaw pain due to an improper bite) or prevent future dental issues, your insurance company may cover this. Castle Dental will work with you and your insurance provider to figure out if the company will cover (or help cover) your braces. If you’re considering an insurance provider that does offer coverage for braces but you need to wait before coverage will kick in. Castle Dental will be able to inform you whether you need to start braces right away, or if it is possible to wait until the coverage kicks in. After all, when dental insurance is able to help pay for braces it does make affording it all that much easier.

Affordable Braces from a Dentist Near Me

Castle Dental is all about giving you not only a beautiful smile, but a healthy, confident smile as well. Braces are one way to achieve this brilliant smile. If you’re looking for ways to afford and pay for braces, Castle Dental has these different methods covered. So stop putting off your braces and having a beautiful smile and make an appointment today! You’ll discover just how affordable braces can be, especially with the different money saving offers and payment plans available.