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5 Things to Know About In-House Dental Financing

Wednesday - March 14th, 2018
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How Does Dental Financing Work?

Having a dazzling smile is at the top of everyone’s priority list. Unfortunately, the perceived upfront costs of maintaining proper dental hygiene can prove to be a barrier, preventing you from obtaining the care and treatment you need. At Castle Dental, we make it so that your taking care of your teeth doesn’t have to be expensive. Quality and affordable services at Castle Dental is our mission and responsibility. As dental professionals, we’re all about giving our patients the best quality of treatment and procedures at the lowest costs that are within their budget. We have a dedicated team of people that will help work through treatment options that fit within your financial needs. You’ll be guided through every step of the process. You can make an appointment online, or by calling for hours that work with your schedule.

Castle Dental loves it when all of our patients are smiling, so we’ve worked diligently to simplify the way you search for affordable dentists with financing options that work for you. By using our “dentist near me” ZIP search tool, patients can reference several Castle Dental locations within their area to find high quality treatment and financing options. Knowing the options that you have access too are the first steps to achieving great dental hygiene.

Whenever finances are at the top of the equation, we want to make sure that you understand exactly what options we have to offer. That’s why we’ve broken down this list of 5 things that should definitely know about in-house dental financing options at Castle Dental. Knowing your options when it comes to dental financing can have a huge impact on deciding if you take action with your dental care today, or push it off until further down the road, when the issues you’re suffering from could be made worse. Many of our patients that have dental insurance are sometimes shocked to find out that not every necessary or preventative procedure is covered by their plan. For these patients, its important to work with them, so that their oral care needs are put first, with a flexible payment plan or finance option. Being knowledgeable and resourceful in the ways to best maintain your healthy smile is sure to have a positive impact on your own self-confidence, but also to the people in our lives that see us everyday. A smile is contagious, and we’re dedicated to ensuring that every potential patient has a Castle Dental location near you.

Financing Preventative Dental Care

While many patients think that putting off routine procedures or treatments is saving them money in the short term, the better alternative is to take care of these issues with regularity. Whether it’s a 6-month check up or a professional teeth cleanings these small visits will actually help maintain the overall health of your smile, preventing larger problems that could arise in the future. Routine checkups can help keep your teeth free from tartar build up, and prevent cavities and gum disease. By using Castle Dental’s affordable payment plan you’ll save money in the long term by catching dental issues early. It’s important to remember that not all insurances will fully cover the necessary preventative treatments that you need. Castle Dental’s payment plans offer an affordable alternative that can be paid off over time. This is just the first of many important things to know about the in-house dental financing options that Castle Dental offers. To always ensure that you can afford your visit, use our dentist near me search to find the best deals and options in your local area.

Financing Ortho & Braces

According to the American Association of Orthodontics, over four million people in the United States wear braces. The chances are that you or someone in your family has financing questions on whether or not you can comfortably afford them. The cost of braces can vary based on a couple different factors, so it’s difficult to give a specific figure without first visiting your dentist. Whether it’s the extent of treatment, how long you will need to wear the braces, or the type of braces you’ll receive, most patients in the U.S. pay between $3,000 and $7,000. For most cases, dental insurance will cover some of the expenses, but not the full cost. This isn’t to worry because Castle Dental has in-house dental financing plans that will help you get a great gage on the affordability aspects. If the remaining out of pocket costs are too much to handle up front, Castle Dental offers financing options and affordable plans from dentists in your local area. A lack of insurance or full coverage should never deter a patient from gaining a straight and glowing smile. Castle Dental has options out there that you can take advantage of today.

Financing Dental Care Emergencies

Accidents can happen in a flash, and you’re not always financially prepared to be able to handle all costs at one. At Castle Dental we get it, and will work with you to ensure that your immediate needs are taken care of. Whether it’s a painful emergency like a chipped or broken tooth, lost filling, lost crown or broken braces wires, we’ll work with you to make sure that the right payment plan is put in place to ensure affordability. If you have experienced a severe dental emergency, it’s important that you don’t put it off. Injuries to teeth or gums can quickly grow into bigger issues. Damage that can potentially lead to permanent problems or more expensive treatments in the future is no laughing matter. Since accidents can happen at any moment, you might not be financially ready at the moment to deal with out of pocket expenses. Castle Dental has dental payment plans set up to meet your specific needs.

Filling Out Finance Forms Online

By visiting the Castle Dental website, you’ll find the Financing & Insurance section where there are forms you can begin to fill out before ever entering your dentist’s office. The patient financing sheet encompasses questions about your contact information, recent third party financing and income. This online feature is geared towards making your life as easy as possible. If there’s a faster way to get something done, then we love to give you the option to pursue it. After your form is all ready to go, Castle Dental will check if you qualify for low down payment, no interest or extended terms up to 48 months. Now that’s a great option to have in your back pocket.

Financing Options from a Dentist Near Me

Arguably the most important piece of information that can be shared with you is the “dentist near me” search tool to find quality and cost effective dentists that are in your area. You’ve already learned that are plenty of financing plans geared towards your specific budget, so final piece is finding a dentist that works for you. A large part of receiving great oral care is making sure that you’re seeing an affordable dentist that can still offer you quality care, a price that fits you. It’s always essential to speak with your dentist about what’s included in the price of a teeth cleaning and oral exam. Before scheduling an appointment with your dentist, go over any questions or concerns you have about what’s being offered and how much it will cost you.

If you do have dental insurance, you can use this similar search to ask about which dental insurance is accepted with which office. Not all dental offices will accept all dental insurance plans. You can call your Castle Dental office at [phone] as we do accept most dental insurance plans. We also have a wide range of services from general services, emergency dental care, and even specialists so that you can handle most of your dental needs in just one place.