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Affordable Care

The Cost of Veneers with Financing in 2018

Looking for a great way to improve your smile in as little as two visits? Veneers offers you exactly that. So whether you have a cracked tooth you need to restore or you want to improve the appearance of all you front teeth, veneers offers you this opportunity. Visiting a dentist near you such as…

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Root Canal: Affordable Financing Over Time

One of the more expensive dental treatments, root canals can be a burden on your wallet as well as your lifestyle. Luckily, at Castle Dental, our team of emergency dentists are always standing by to alleviate your pain while keeping your wallet free of holes. We offer a range of affordable payment plans that allow…

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Houston Orthodontist: Affordable Braces Plans & 2018 Financing

Orthodontists do more than just provide you with a brilliant smile and straight teeth. Braces and other proper alignment methods prevent teeth from growing improperly, which ensures you do not suffer from jaw pain or far more serious conditions. Braces require a series of dental visits over the course of several years. For some, this…

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Affordable Dental Services: Take Advantage in Austin

Taking advantage of great deals in Austin doesn’t have be difficult. If you’ve been using a dentist near me search to find an affordable dentist near you, you want to make sure you’re not sacrificing quality. We’re dishing out what types of services you should look for, as well as options for dentist financing and…

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Need an Appointment? Bring These Dentist Coupons to Save During Your Visit

Have you been waiting to schedule your next dental appointment because you’re looking for a dentist coupon to help save you money? You can use a dentist near me search to find an affordable dentist in your area, but you’ll want to be sure the dentist you find is also reliable and provides quality dental…

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Castle Dental Payment Plans Offer Alternate to Insurance

Sometimes, there doesn’t always seem to be the best options when choosing between dentist financing and dental insurance to pay for your appointments. Between using a dentist near me search to find an affordable dentist, and finding quality care that matters, patients can feel lost. At Castle Dental, we’re trying to take a few steps…

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Castle Dental Financing: 5 Affordable Options and Plans

When looking for ways to find an affordable dentist, you’ll want to go beyond just using a dentist near me search. Knowing what dental offices are going to offer you as a patient can greatly impact the type of care you’ll receive and the price you’ll end up paying for it. At Castle Dental, we…

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Don’t Let Dental Benefits Expire

Unlike a dog, dental benefits do not roll over. That’s because most dental insurance plans are on a calendar year. So, at midnight December 31, any benefits left on the table will disappear like Cinderella at the ball. Unless you actually like throwing money away, its time to call your dentist (or find one fast),…

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