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Financing Oral Surgery at Castle Dental

Friday - March 30th, 2018
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When it comes to a patient’s oral surgery needs, many think that a regular dentist and an oral surgeon are a part of the same field. In truth, there is a difference. It all comes down to the specific kinds of training that each has received that pertains to the patients needs. It is firstly important to understand this difference when contacting a dental professional to seek treatment. We’ve summarized a list of the necessary details when it comes to oral surgery and being able to comfortably afford it.

An oral surgeon is needed for a wide variety of procedures, usually for dental emergencies where it’s necessary to extract a tooth, or to restructure bone and gum tissue. All of the oral surgeons at Castle Dental have take part in an extensive training program in this field. As a patient, your regular dentist will generally refer you to an oral surgeon. Your oral surgeon will then assist you with a slew of issues ranging from wisdom teeth and impacted teeth to jaw misalignment and bone loss. Oral surgeons are also able to treat chronic diseases or conditions that derive from issues of the mouth.

If you’re looking for a dentist and an oral surgeon at the same dental location, you should consult our convenient “dentist near me” search tool. In case of emergency, the best situation is to already have checked out this resource, so that it’s easy to seek treatment as soon as possible. It’s a great asset to have when your dentist quickly assess your diagnosis based on your symptoms and either treat your needs themselves, or refers you to an oral surgeon in the same office that can see you that same day. At Castle Dental, there are numerous professionals that offer emergency dental services. If you’re unsure where to start, you can always call in for a quick appointment to see if a professional should see you.

Reasons for Oral Surgery

Every patient has a different story and unique needs that should be attended to as soon as possible. If you think you’re in need of oral surgery or have recently had an accident or traumatic dental injury, use a dentist near me search to find an emergency dentist in your area that can provide you with the right treatment before your symptoms worsen.

One of the most common reasons that patients seek out an oral surgeon because they have a tooth extraction that needs to happen as soon as possible, so that the healing process can begin. While your teeth are generally resilient, there are some situations where your tooth will not heal by itself because the extent of the damage is great. The removal of a tooth is the only option when a tooth becomes damaged or diseased and is causing crowding within the mouth.

When the patient has an abscessed tooth, this generally means that the infection has reached a very deep part of your gums to the point where it has started to eat away at the root of your teeth. If you notice anything like what’s described above it should be treated as soon as possible. Removing this infected tooth is necessary if it has lead to an advanced stage of gum disease. While our surgeons or general dentists will do their best to repair the tooth, crowding can also cause the need for a tooth extraction. The final need for a tooth extraction comes with accidental injuries, like sports, car accidents or random occurrences.

Financing Oral Surgery Plans

When you’re in need of oral surgery, generally it means that the procedure that you need done should be scheduled as soon as soon as possible. For patients that don’t have insurance at the time of the injury or emergency, we’ve created all kinds of different flexible payment plans that really have your back when you need it most. It’s difficult to have to elect not to have treatment on your mouth just because at the moment finances are not ideal. In order to prevent this kind of scenario from happening, we’ve done everything we can to lead you to a plan that will address your specific needs and budget.

Castle Dental’s first option when it comes to financing plan is a low down payment and no interest plan. This is a great option due to the patient being able to put whatever down payment they wish towards the overall total. Depending on how much is put down initially; the monthly payments will be based off the lump sum put to. With no interest on this plan, it makes sure that you as the patient are paying the lowest cost possible. For this plan, a valid photo ID and checking account, credit card or debit card are required.

If you’d rather not put any amount down towards your overall billing amount, Castle Dental’s second option is for you. This plan requires no down payment and no monthly interest added on to your bill. This is the perfect plan if you’re in need of an oral surgeon and require treatment that can’t be pushed back due to medical reasons. You should always put your oral health at the forefront, especially when the case is severe and it potentially impacts the health of the rest of your body. For this specific plan you will have to have approved credit, which differs from the option listed above.

The most flexible payment plan that is offered at Castle Dental allows patients to use extended terms up to 48 months at 14.9% promotional interest rates. This can be applied to dental services that have promotional purchases over $1,000. There will be fixed monthly payments based on repayment over 24, 36, or 48 month periods. Patients will need to qualify with approved credit for this type of payment plan.

Financing Options Using a “Dentist Near Me” Search

Having payment and financing plans for your oral surgery is important when emergencies and accidents arise. Do your research using our “dentist near me” search tool to find dentists that are in your area is the perfect place to start. Part of receiving great oral care is making sure that you’re seeing an affordable dentist that can still offer you quality care, and a price that fits you. Before scheduling an appointment with your dentist, go over any questions or concerns you have about what’s being offered and how much it will cost you.