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From Low to High — Three Different Gifts at Three Different Price Points

Friday - November 30th, 2018
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Photo by Thought Catalog on Unsplash

Shopping for holiday gifts can be stressful and – if you don’t do your homework – extremely expensive. In this blog post, we’re going to look at three different oral hygiene gifts at a variety of price points to find out what you really get when you’re buying things at the low, medium and higher price points (a quick shout out to Buzzfeed’s Worth It feature for the inspiration today).

For the low-price stocking stuffer idea, we have Dr. Tung’s Tongue Cleaner. This tongue cleaner costs $5.46 on Amazon. Dr. Tung’s currently has a 4.5/5 rating on Amazon with over 2,500+ reviews. Many of those reviews rave about the product. Aside from the tongue cleaner, it also comes with a cute travel case. The stainless-steel scraper makes for an easy clean and is said to help in decreasing bacteria buildup on the tongue. This tongue cleaner is a great way to fight bad breath, and many users said it was the most effective product they had tried.

Our mid-priced item is Active Wow Teeth Whitening Charcoal Powder. This product costs $19.97. Charcoal powder has been a new phenomenon of 2018. The product claims to help remove stains that come as a result of drinking coffee or wine. Active Wow has more than 18,000 reviews on Amazon and is currently maintaining a 4.5/5 stars rating. People are mostly positive about their experiences. Some people have noticed results after using it only one time.

National Flossing Day took place in November, and for our final item, we had to include this luxury item! The Water Pik Water Flosser is our choice for a high-priced item. The Waterpik costs $60, which is pricier than our other two items. However, we think investing in a water flossing tool is worth the splurge. The Waterpik claims to remove up to 99.9% of all your plaque! It comes with ten different water pressure settings and seven tips. People with braces will love this product because it will make flossing so much easier! The Waterpik currently has 4.6 rating on Amazon with over 11,000 reviews.

When comparing the three, we couldn’t choose which one we’d place under the tree this year. We think each one of them could make great gifts. Depending on your budget, we know your friends and family will get a lot of great use out of every one of these choices. We love the idea of gift ideas that are great for a healthy smile!