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5 Fun and Easy Egg Decorating Ideas for All Ages

Monday - April 10th, 2017
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We all remember the days of dyeing Easter eggs with warm water, vinegar and food coloring.

The hard-boiled eggs would come out bright and beautiful with pastel colors, but so would your fingers! If you are tired of dealing with food dye, but can’t let go of your egg-decorating traditions, we have five creative design ideas that are great for the whole family. Ditch the Yellow 5 and Blue 1 and find some markers, string or beads. You’ll be sure to impress your fellow Easter decorators.

1. Have a collection of temporary tattoos that go unused? Grab a warm towel and give those eggs some ink. For an extra-edgy look, cut out pieces of each tattoo and layer them on top of one another!

2. Find your inner-Picasso, grab a marker of your choosing and start doodling on the eggshell. Draw the Easter bunny or your favorite pattern and see the artistic talent amongst your whole group!

3. Break out the tacky or hot glue and colored string. Add a simple tack of glue on the top of the egg, attach one end of the string and begin wrapping the eggshell from top to bottom. Make a textured egg that will stand out from the food-dyed crowd.

4. Still have a bejeweling kit from your retired flip phone? Add fake jewels on any side of the egg to add some sparkle and bling. These might be the easiest to find in the scavenger hunt!

5. If you can’t let go of the food dye, try adding something special to the mix. With just a small amount of olive oil, you can turn your bland, pastel eggs into marbled beauties. Everyone will be jealous of your high-class eggs!

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