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How Health Can Affect School Performance

Tuesday - September 20th, 2016
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Studies show that healthy kids tend to be better learners and perform better in school. Here are some health related factors that can impact how your child’s academic performance.

Getting plenty of rest is key.

Sleep has a direct impact on the immune system and academic achievement. Most school-aged children need at least nine hours of restful sleep. If your child isn’t getting enough sleep, or has trouble sleeping throughout the night, talk to their doctor.

A healthy, well-balanced diet helps kids concentrate.

Make sure your kids have three healthy meals a day, and do not let them skip breakfast. Also, limit their intake of sugary or processed foods, and those low in vitamins and nutrients. Kids that are hungry or have too much sugar will not be able to concentrate well in class.

Get vision exams to help their performance.

There is a direct correlation with vision problems and academic performance. Many children are visual learns and a lot of what is taught in school is visual. Get your child’s eyes tested every year before school starts.

Oral health can impact learning.

Students with toothaches are about four times more likely to have a lower GPA, and are nearly five times more likely to miss school. Make sure to quickly treat any oral issues your child may be having and make an appointment with the dentist every year for their annual exam.

Maintain a healthy weight.

There is evidence that being overweight or obese can have an impact on academic performance. Studies have shown that overweight kids with high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and are insulin resistant score poorly on thinking tests. Make sure your kids maintain a healthy weight through diet and exercise.