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Is Teeth Cleaning Important Before Teeth Whitening?

Wednesday - August 23rd, 2017
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Everyone desires to have a set of lustrous white teeth, but a wide range of factors can leave you searching for a “dentist near me” to brighten your smile. Lifestyle habits such as smoking, drinking coffee, and eating certain foods can discolor teeth over the years. At Castle Dental, we offer affordable teeth whitening and dentist coupons at a one of our many convenient office locations.

If you are considering teeth whitening or preparing for an upcoming appointment, you may be at a crossroads as to whether professional cleaning is necessary before whitening. Pre-cleaning enables you to maximize the benefits and yield better results from your teeth whitening experience.

Why should you get your teeth cleaned before having your teeth whitened?

  1. Rids Your Mouth of Food Particles
    • A professional dental cleaning before a whitening appointment makes it easier for the dentist to whiten all surfaces of your teeth. Your cosmetic dentist recommends a deep teeth cleaning to remove food particles lodged between your teeth, blocking those areas from becoming whitened with our advanced technology.
  2. Helps Remove Accumulated Plaque
    • Some food particles and debris can be removed by brushing your teeth between teeth cleaning or dentist appointments. However, it takes a more intricate exercise to rid your mouth of accumulated plaque and tartar. Dental teeth cleaning before whitening helps to remove tartar, thus making whitening more effective. The presence of tartar and plaque is typically manifested by white or yellow patches on the inner and outer surfaces of teeth.
    • Plaque sticks to the tooth’s enamel, making it hard to remove via brushing. With time, it discolors your teeth, and can also lead to bad breath. Therefore, our Castle dentists advise that best whitening results are achieved after teeth are gently scraped for plaque and tartar, like a clean slate. Fluoride toothpaste, tartar control toothpaste, and baking soda, are home remedies that can help with keeping tartar and plaque from getting built up, but your dentist will administer these services at your teeth cleaning or teeth whitening appointment.
  3. Removes Past Tooth Stains
    • Stains from our lifestyle choices and eating habits are important to remove before teeth whitening. For the whitening process to have a longer lasting effect, our dentists advise patients to spot clean any stained areas before whitening overall. At Castle Dental, we typically advise that patients visit their local dentist a few days before a whitening appointment for a quick checkup and any tooth stain removal. Call [phone] to book your whitening and stain removal consult today!
  4. Identifies Tooth Decay or a Cavity
    • During your teeth cleaning appointment, a Castle dentist will examine your teeth to establish whether you may be at risk of common disorders such as tooth decay, periodontal disease, or a cavity tooth. All teeth surfaces are also checked using special dental tools to confirm that you are not affected by a condition that will ultimately render the entire whitening process null. In addition, your existing restorations and dental fillings will also be examined to guarantee that whitening won’t affect any of them, for consistent coloring across your smile.
  5. Prevents Uneven Coloring
    • Having your teeth cleaned by our friendly hygienists enhances uniformity across the teeth whitening process. Plaque, tartar, and other debris may not allow your teeth to whiten in all areas, thus resulting in uneven coloring. To maximize the benefits of your teeth whitening treatment, our dentists recommend a thorough teeth cleaning to reset your oral hygiene. In addition, teeth cleaning before whitening also helps to reduce inflammation of the gums. If whitening is done while gums are inflamed, there is a risk that yellowing near the gums cannot be addressed. To avoid uneven whitening along the gumline, call one of our local dentist offices to book a teeth cleaning appointment that fits your schedule.

Can a teeth cleaning prevent the need for teeth whitening?

Generally, dental cleanings helps promote the health of your teeth and gums. The frequency of teeth cleaning depends on your oral health, your age, and dental habits. Adults and healthy children should visit their favorite “dentist near me” at least twice a year. On the other hand, smokers and individuals who are affected by disorders such as gum inflammation should consider more frequent visits, around three to four times every year.

The benefit to regular teeth cleaning is that, in theory, it should eliminate the need for frequent teeth whitening. With time, your teeth are likely to naturally get darker as a result of stains, plaque, and tartar. Frequent dental cleanings can help keep stains at bay, which is much healthier than waiting for the point at which you notice a yellowing smile.

How does teeth whitening work?

Teeth whitening is regarded as the quickest, most effective, and non-invasive way of enhancing your smile. If you book an appointment online, our Castle dentists can whiten your smile in one hour! Unlike some dental procedures, teeth whitening works for the majority of all Castle patients, who report seeing a moderate to significant improvement in the whiteness and brightness of their teeth.

However, it should be noted that teeth whitening doesn’t offer a permanent solution to tooth discoloration. Just like other cosmetic procedures, it requires touch-ups to maintain the prolonged effect. We make it easy to book an appointment online for a quick chat with your Castle dentist about the desired outcome of your teeth whitening treatment and how long it may take to achieve these goals.

What are the risks of getting teeth whitening before a dental cleaning?

Whitening treatments are typically regarded to be safe, more so when the recommended procedures are followed before and after teeth whitening. However, there are a number of risks that are associated with teeth whitening that may be exacerbated by whitening teeth that haven’t been properly cleaned by your local dentist.

Maintain the Results of Teeth Whitening

While we strive to provide affordable dental services at a Castle office near you, your dentist may recommend specific at-home whitening treatments just once a year for maintenance.

The expert staff at Castle also recommend avoiding dark-colored foods and beverages for at least one week following your whitening treatment (red wines, etc). If possible, use a straw when sipping dark-colored beverages, reducing contact with your teeth. Regular brushing and flossing habits (twice daily) also prevent the buildup of colorants like plaque and tartar.

Considering a teeth cleaning or whitening? We make it easy to book an appointment online, and our staff is always standing by for your call [phone]. We look forward to seeing you soon!