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4 Kids Dental Milestones

Wednesday - September 21st, 2016
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When you have kids, there are many firsts their first smile, their first word, and their first step. There are also several important firsts when it comes to their dental health, too. Here are the top milestones to track.

1.) First tooth: For most babies, the first teeth appear around one year old. If your baby is an early developer, you may see the first tooth peeking through as early as three months. Usually, the two bottom front teeth are the first to appear. By age three, your baby should have a full mouth of little teeth.

2.) First lost tooth: The next big step is losing baby teeth as permanent teeth start to emerge. Your child will probably lose their first baby tooth around 5 or 6 years of age. It usually takes about six years or more from the first lost baby tooth to the final adult tooth.

3.) Braces: Once all adult teeth are in, it may be time to fix dental issues, such as overcrowding, overlapping teeth, or an incorrect bite. That’s where braces come in. Most kids get braces around 12 to 13 years old, although it’s recommend that they have their first orthodontic visit around age seven.

4.) Wisdom teeth: The arrival of the wisdom teeth marks the final milestone in your child’s dental development. Wisdom teeth are the farthest back molars that typically come in around ages 17-25. About 85% of people have wisdom teeth removed because they’re impacted or affecting the surrounding teeth and jaw.

If any of these milestones are approaching, be sure to book an appointment with your kid’s dentist soon!